Friday, January 30, 2009

Blast From the Past

These are the ladies I hung out with 18 years ago.
I can't believe it's been that long. 
Or how young I looked!
We all worked in the computer department at Sears Canada.
Back Row (L-R): Me, JJ 
Front Row (L-R): DD, GG
Here we are at a Mercedes bar/club for DD's surprise birthday party.  I'm thinking she had not yet arrived, considering she's not in the photo...

Thanks to the magic of Facebook, I'm back in touch with DD. One of my first, most vivid memories of DD was when she came into my office to inform me she was pregnant. She was going around letting the whole team know so we wouldn't think she was just getting fat. How can you not immediately love someone for that kind of honesty and humor!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Papa Martian

Papa Martian came to town!!!!

Motor Mouth and Mini Me's godfather flew in to Chicago on business. We met him for dinner. The kids LOVE their Papa Martian.  Motor Mouth was all excited when he heard Papa Martian was coming and started naming off all the things he wanted to tell him. Mini Me ran around yelling, "Pawp Maben! Pawp Maben! Pawp Maben!"

Mini Me smothered her godfather most of the evening. It was really cute. I tried to get pictures of it, but it was too dark for my camera to capture. Papa Martian sent these to me bright and early this morning!

Who IS Papa Martian?
I first met Papa Martian when I was interviewing for a job. I got the job and then found out he attended our church. J and I became friends with him and his lovely wife. When Motor Mouth was born, we asked them to be his godparents. Same with Mini Me. We wanted people of character and integrity to raise our children in the event of our untimely death.
We all had a really great time and can hardly wait until Papa Martian comes back with his family, very soon!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

I was tagged for this in Facebook. I was only going to do it here, but then I got tagged 2 more times in less than 24hrs!! This is different from the Facebook list.

Here goes....... 

1. I don't remember the first time I met my father-in-law.

2. J and I joked we would name our kid 'Sidney Widney' before we knew my father-in-law had made the same joke years before.

3. I collect tea pots. 

4. When I show people pictures of my father-in-law, they say he is very handsome.

5. My father-in-law taught me how to operate a bull dozer.

6. I seriously think I'm peri-menopausal.

7. My father-in-law has shown me all over Disney World and taken us to Cape Canaveral so I could go to NASA.

8. My father-in-law introduced me to eating alligator, crawfish, and gumbo.

9. My father-in-law loves my son and I love that they have a special bond because I had a special bond with my grandfather.

10. My father-in-law is one of my biggest heroes 'cause people said he couldn't do it but he did - more than once. 

11. My father-in-law showed me all around Colorado when Motor Mouth was 6 months old.

12. My father-in-law took me with him on 2 cross-country helicopter rides once with the tour guide with the mostess and once with J and SarahBeara.

13. My father-in-law is the reason I have been all over Texas and a bunch of other states.

14. I'm fat.

15. My father-in-law is one of the most generous, kind-hearted men I know.

16. My mother-in-law has been one of my best friends for 12 years.

17. I like riding on my father-in-law's Harley with him because people think he's my sugar daddy!

18. My father-in-law let's me drive his Hummer and he sits in the passenger seat.

19. My father-in-law taught me how to fly small airplanes.

20. My father-in-law taught me how to shoot a gun.

21. My father-in-law taught me how to fly a helicopter.

22. My father-in-law was once my boss.
23. My father-in-law dragged us around Vegas on one of the best tours ever.

24. My father-in-law treats his kids' spouses like they are his kids.

25. My father-in-law prefers me not to talk about him on my blog.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Why Twitter?

First, let me tell you what Twitter is.

Twitter is a free social messaging utility for staying connected in real-time. It is a social networking tool that enables you to provide up-to-the-second status on what you are doing. 

I love Twitter. I have my Twitter linked to
 automatically update my blog page and my Facebook Status. One-stop shopping, if you will. 
Twitter is great because you can get messages out to a vast number of people with one tool. For example, @ParkChurch posted a preview of this week's sermon open video ONLY to those people following on Twitter. Want special info? Join us on Twitter. Is it clickish? No. Not at our church where the majority are 20-35 and use Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking tools in their daily lives. It keeps our church hip and relevant and with its ear to the ground.

A few weeks ago, I joined in on a Twitter Wine Night. It was so much fun!!! Women from all over the country, popping open a bottle of wine and chatting about everything and nothing and wine. I made some great connections. There were other women who are small business owners like me, homeschooling moms like me, and others living in Illinois like me.
Why do I Twitter? Well, Ragamuffin Soul got me into it with his twittering all the time!! I thought he was texting it in each time, but it's through an iPhone app. Free!! Once I figured that out, I started Twittering frequently. It's fun and builds a sense of community. I like people. I like to know what they are doing. And you know, it gives me something to do while I'm in line, or in the bathroom. And it is fun to have people comment back.

I think Twittering and Facebook Status updates make you use your creative juices. I like to give people something funny, peculiar, odd, or off the beaten path. Keep it light and fun is what I like to do. 

Check out my post:  Why Facebook?

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Why Facebook?

I LOVE Facebook. 

Some don't. Some don't get it. 
Some get it too much and it ruins their lives. 

Like the other day, my mom calls me to tell me to be careful on Facebook. Why? I asked her. On Dr. Phil, she starts off. Oh dear lord, I think. This is going to be jacked up. Apparently, some woman was being taken for a ride into thinking someone on Facebook was a big time movie star when really it was was some teenager - or something like that is how the story went. I love my Mom. I even gave her a nickname: Mutti - German for Mom/Mommy. But she need not watch Jerry Springer - I mean Dr. Phil.

I started off Facebook as an alternative to to get back in touch with old friends from Canada. More specifically, my high school friends, my siblings, and my nieces and nephews.
I only wanted it for my Canadians. Some of my Americans asked me to be friends and I was kinda not wanting to be Facebook friends with them. This was special to me. My Canadians.

Facebook was great! I could keep up on everyone's lives, their new pictures, what they were up to. I got to develop relationships with people I wasn't that close to in school, but are great people. For years, I preached that teenagers should not count on these people being in their lives long term. All those high school friends are back in my life!!

And yes, I Facebooked my ex's. One time, I was playing around, throwing in names, and bam! there he was, looking like he did over 15 years ago when we were together. Of course, this almost 50 year old man was using a picture from college...But that is another blog for another day... Okay. Okay. I lied. He is not almost 50. He turned 44 today. But he hasn't posted any current pics so he must look 50, right?

Finally, I started letting the Americans in. They are a pushy bunch, you know. And it grew and grew and grew and grew. Now, I have about 335 friends. 325 are people who are real friends that I have met in person or communicate with frequently.  If I can't tell you about a person's life, I don't accept the friend request. And yes, I do know when someone drops me as a friend - I go and check to see who is missing in the ranks... Why would you drop me? I'm so cute.
Having over 300 friends is not as personal and I don't get to keep as close tabs on everyone as I used to, but I still love it. I feel a real sense of community. I enjoy being happy when others are happy and being sad for them when they are sad. I like knowing Jr's son is doing great in football. Or that Michelle's boys are winning hockey tournaments every weekend. I care. I really do care.

And that, is why I love Facebook. Because I care about these people and want to know what is going on in their lives...All day. Everyday.

Coming tomorrow...Why Twitter?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Kids Kraft Day - Jan 2009

The kids were Krafting again.

I laid it all out nice on the table
Then called them in for their 
surprise paint night!!
They were so very happy!!
Yes, our tree is still up...
Looks like a pretty halter top, eh?
Notice how clean the bowls are...
Hmmm....Did you HAVE to mix EVERY color?
Oh, but it was worth it!
Mini Me's Masterpiece
Motor Mouth wrote 'Chinese Letters'
Really? Don't tell Chinese people that, ok?
(Don't hurt yourself - It's the white markings)

The kiddos did about 10 masterpieces each. I was running out of drying space!! Daddy thought it was a great idea until he had to wipe down the table and floor. time, I think Mommy needs that big kraft paper you find at teacher supply stores...

Friday, January 23, 2009

Freaky Friday - Parking

In Chicago, when the snow accumulates, it reduces the number of parking spaces. Parking is already at a premium as it is. So, to ensure your spot is there when you return, this is the sort of thing people put out on the streets...

Fortunately, we have covered parking at home and at J's work. 

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thankful Thursday - Chicago Peeps

My dear friend at The Mommy Project (say a prayer for her, she's having a baby tomorrow) read where regularly noting things for which you are grateful actually increases your level of happiness by 25%. 

This week, I have much to be thankful for...

Cre8tve Chaos & his Peeps that rescued me
Monday evening, as I was getting ready to do client errands, the car wouldn't start. J came down and showed me how to jiggle the battery connectors. I said we could get the kids ready, pick up the part, and if there was another problem, J would be there to rescue me, instead of being 6 miles across town. J said I would be fine. I left. The vehicle wouldn't start when I was alone. I needed help, so I called Cre8ve Chaos. Then I managed to lock our only set of keys inside. While waiting to be overcharged for locksmithing, I sat in a warm car with Cre8ve Chaos and his Peeps.

Jackson Crum
Our pastor is so awesome. He didn't talk about the election (pre or post) from the pulpit. No one knew who he was voting for. Even though he didn't vote for Obama, he opened his church to the neighborhood for the Inauguration. As a result, I was able to witness history with my husband and son.

Westloop SnB
A group of knitters I met through Last night was my very first night. We share a love for yarn and live within a mile of each other. Let's see, there's ProgrammerB, InvestorB, and OprahB.  OprahB lives across from Harpo Studio, in the building Oprah redid the balconies.

My Mechanic
My husband can fix a car. People don't know this about J. They see the artsy, creative stuff, and know he doesn't watch football - or any sports. They know J decorates, but they don't know he can fix a car better than most jocks.

I wouldn't plan on The Mommy Project having a Thankful Thursday post. Like I said, she's having a baby tomorrow. Only she doesn't feel really ready. This is her last baby, so she wants to keep this one safe and warm a little longer. I'm really thankful The Mommy Project was able to carry this baby to term and both are healthy. It was touch and go there for awhile. I'm thankful in advance for the safe delivery of Baby K and a perfect healing for The Mommy Project.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Family Fun Night - History

We watched history being made as a family.

In years to come, when we are asked where we were, our response will be: "We were in church, as a family, watching the Inauguration on the big screens, holding hands."

Monday, January 19, 2009

Martin Luther King, Jr Day

Turn volume up!

Martin Luther King, Jr did not mean so much to me as a Canadian. Peripherally, I knew I could not live my comfortable Canadian life without the efforts of Rev. King. I remember a black ex-boyfriend's father telling of discrimination and segregation in Toronto in the 50's and 60's. He was the only person who had ever spoken to me about such things in Canada.  Still, it was surreal. But then I married a white man and learned just how important MLK's efforts were to my life.

Two years before I was born, it was illegal in some states for a black person and a white person to marry. In fact, married couples were arrested and put in jail for having married 'the wrong person'.  In addition to African, my blood is mixed with Spanish, Caucasian, South Asian, and Chinese. However, like President Elect Obama, the color of my skin determines the color of my life.

This year, with the inauguration of the first black U.S. President, Martin Luther King, Jr.'s efforts come full circle. While MLK's "I have a dream" speech has seemingly come to fulfillment, there is still a long way to go. I pray HARD for our new president and his family. There are those who do not want a black man in that office. There are those who would scheme to bring harm to him. 

I know many of my friends and family do not like President Elect Obama. But he is our president and we must put aside our differences and support our president. Otherwise, we will be just like those....Democrats. God forbid.

The previous video was shown at our church yesterday. My husband, Jason, did the video and interviews of people in Chicago's downtown Loop.  Curt Carson, our music and band development director, came up with the idea to use Rage Against the Machine's song. That is our band playing.  Michelle McKinney Hammond is the female vocalist that belted it out.  The video was the opening to our series, "Unhindered" so that is what you saw at the end. 

Sunday, January 18, 2009

What's He Telling Ya??

It's Sunday. Let's go spiritual...
Motor Mouth wonders how I 'know' what he is doing when I can't see him. For example: "Lay down and stop playing with your train." - his door has frosted glass I can make out shadows through. Or, "Stop choking Mini Me!" - she is making gagging sounds and he is laughing. Or, I ask Mini Me, "Did you break xyz toy?" and when she breaks into tears, I tell her 'I KNOW you broke it. That was naughty." Not real rocket science stuff.
As any good mother, who is loathe to reveal her secrets, would do, I told him the Holy Spirit talks to me. The Holy Spirit tells me when they are being naughty and when they are lying. 

Now, Motor Mouth asks me what the Holy Spirit has told me before I even read their body language or hear the telltale signs. I could really use some divine intervention at those times.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Quilting is my new thing

I'm branching out into quilting.

LitandLaundry makes the best quilts and has reminded me of my deep desire to quilt. Quilting is something I've wanted to do for YEARS!! I think I really started wanting to do it when I received my very first quilt. When J and I were married, his 2nd cousin gave us a quilt. We use it ALL THE TIME. It has lived in our living room since we received it. It is my most prized possession, next to my Longaberger baskets and pottery, and Henn Workshops dishes from my MIL. 

I had signed up to take a quilting class in Tulsa. But then I couldn't make the classes due to our schedule. A couple of weeks ago, I bought a book on how to quilt. I'm looking around town for a reasonably priced beginner quilt class. 

AND, I signed up on It is a brand new site that I got in on in the beta stage. Nice to get in on the ground level. Not only did I sign up, but I started a group - Chicago Quilters!! If I'm going to do this, I'm going to do this. 

Friday, January 16, 2009

Freaky Friday - Faker Style

My daughter should act. She has a gift...

I told the girls to 'Look Mad'
These kiddos were told to look mad, too...
"Mommy, I pretend nap, otay??"
And here is the 'ugly kiss'

Thursday, January 15, 2009

How Fast They Grow!!!

When Mini Me was born, 
she weighed 5 lbs, 5 oz @ 18" long
She has gone from a size 2T to a 4T
in 4 months!!!!
How quickly they grow!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What's Cooking Wednesday - China Edition

This is the China edition
It's Tuesday in America but Wednesday in China!
This was my first time making Angel Food Cake
Peaches were going bad
I wanted a light, low-fat dessert
I surfed the web and voila!

by Fayrene De Koker from
12 egg whites (or as needed to equal 1 1/2 cups)
1 1/4 cups confectioner's sugar
1 cup all-purpose flour
1 1/2  teaspoon cream of tarter
1 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract (or 1 tsp lemon extract)
1/2 teaspoon almond extract
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 cup sugar

2 cups peaches (chopped in blender)
(approx. 5-6 small peaches)
1 1/2 tbsp corn starch
1 cup sugar
1/2 tsp concentrated lemon juice

Separate eggs. Place in mixing bowl
Let stand 30 min at room temperature.
Sift confectioner's sugar and flour together 3x. 
Set aside.
Add cream of tarter, extracts and salt to egg whites
Beat on high speed. Gradually add sugar
Beat until sugar dissolved & stiff peaks form. 
Fold in flour mixture 1/4 cup at a time.
Gently spoon into ungreased 10" tube pan
Cut through batter with a knife to remove air pockets
Bake at 350 for 40-45 min 
Or until cake springs back when lightly touched.
Immediately invert pan
Cool completely before removing cake from pan.

Combine. Cook.
Stir constantly on medium high heat until thick 
(approx. 1 min)

1. 10 egg whites - that was 1 1/2 cups for me
2. 1 tsp almond extract
I was out of vanilla, so I substituted lemon extract. 
3. Sprayed Pam on muffin tin
4. Cooked 35 min when sprung back
5. I put the extra in ungreased dish - it stuck!!

J said it tasted much lighter and had a slightly sweeter taste than the traditional blandish Angel Food Cake. That was because of the lemon extract.

Kids LOVED it!! Wanted more and more!

Be sure to visit Fairy Blogmother's site for more
  What's Cooking Wednesday inspirations.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Rushing Ahead

Motor Mouth is doing well in school. For the most part. And the part he's not doing well on is because of me. I was so busy in December, he barely got an education. Not good. Especially considering I set a goal of completing math, language arts and phonics by April so he could move ahead faster. The curriculum is already at a grade 1 level, when he is only in kindergarten. 
Why finish early? You know, I started asking myself that this week. Why? Why does a Kindergartener need to start on double digit addition? Or division? Does he really need to be able to count to 1,000? Or is 100 enough? Like, seriously, when is my son going to be using the extra 900 numbers between now and September when school starts back again?

We were moseying along at our pace. Hitting the 'Exceeds Expectations' milestones. Then I talked to another mother in the school, who said that if he grasped the work in 2 hours, we should do the 5 hours the program requires so he can finish early and start on the next grade level. I didn't want to be holding him back. He is so smart, I wanted him to be challenged.

The competitive side of me decided to take up the challenge. I created a spreadsheet and figured out exactly what percentage MotorMouth mouth needed to hit each month to finish early. And we were headed there. We would be there right now, if it weren't for that 1 insane month before Christmas. 

More and more, I'm thinking we don't need to do 5 hours of hard core schooling every day. If he exceeds expectations, with 2 hours, that is what we should be doing. The other time should be spent hanging out with the kids. Reintroducing our family fun nights and family fridays. Spending time building relationships with friends the kids' ages. That's my goal! Not fast-tracking through the curriculum.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Secret Revealed

I was asked what secrets I'm keeping. 
Shhhhh....Nobody knows this one....
Not even J.

I want to be a MASCOT!!!

Ever since I worked part-time at Copps Collisseum, in my hometown of Hamilton, and saw Bruiser the Bulldog, the team mascot for the Hamilton Bulldogs hockey farm team, I've wanted to don a costume and dance around anonymously.

Mascots are so cute!!!
Mascots have so much fun!!!!
Well, most of the time....

Saturday, January 10, 2009

I've Hurt My Park Mom's Groupies

Contrary to popular belief, I don't enjoy hurting people. I do think it is funny when people trip and fall. 
Provided they don't get hurt.

Well, I have hurt my Park Mom's Groupies. The first group of ladies I connected with in Chicago are my Mom's Groupies. Last night, I got an e-mail from one of them. She found out from reading my blogs this week that our kids are adopted. It made the ladies feel like they hadn't really known me. It made them wonder what other secrets I'm keeping. I'm really grateful to Eye Girl for sending me the email, confronting me about it all. Now that's a friend!!!!

Basically, here is what I wrote to her 
(slight editing for blog clarity):

I just read (Eye Girl's email) to J who said "I told you this would come back to bite you in the ass."

J and I have argued about this. When we moved to Chicago, I made the decision to not share that we are adoptive parents because I did not want the stigma of being an adoptive mom and therefore 'not a "REAL MOM"' to follow me here. I had people make that comment in Tulsa and I just didn't want to deal with it. I just wanted to live a 'normal' life with OUR children.

It was so nice and refreshing to be a regular mom like all of you. It was the first time I had that experience in over 5 years. I was just a mom. Not an adoptive mom. A mom.

I'm sorry if I hurt you or any of the other ladies. Tulsa was a hard place for me. I never felt like I fit in. J and I were really happy as a couple. But we battled infertility for years and then we went through the whole adoption thing. When J was laid off last January, it was a hard, hard blow. Moving to Chicago was a fresh start.  

It's not that I wanted to reinvent myself. I like who I am. That's why it was hard in Tulsa to work at being something I wasn't so I could fit in. I just didn't want to include adoption in my resume.

However, adoption is a REALLY big part of who we are and what we are. The adoption agency had a volunteer requirement. 100 hours before the adoption could be finalized. We got involved in the agency in March 2003. By December 2003 we had over 500 hours - I stopped counting at 500 that year.

Each year, we racked up even more volunteer hours. We spoke at workshops, designed and created the workshop manuals, I spoke in high schools, mentored girls, J did all the publications, including quarterly newsletters, I represented the agency on the Oklahoma Adoption Coalition, planned 2 fundraising banquets, and redesigned the website, as well as planning an annual birth mother celebration and the 20th anniversary celebration. Plus other stuff.  

We have amazing stories of God's grace and mercy and faithfulness through our adoption experiences. I've short-changed my Park mom's group friends by keeping this a secret. The adoption story really is an hour long. Minimum. (I was asked to share my testimony with the group last year. I stopped at when we got married) When I shared my testimony, I was late picking Motor Mouth up by ending at the marriage part.  

Oh, and you CAN NOT make adoption comments in PUBLIC areas of Facebook. My nieces and nephews are on there and so are some of my cousins. They don't know our kids are adopted. It has to do with stupid comments my extended family has made about the adopted kids in our family. That they weren't 'really' part of the family.

My one adopted cousin is OLDER than me and his parents had been close friends of the family for 20 years before he was born!! His mom died a month after giving birth and my aunt married his dad a year later. My brother adopted his wife's son at age 2. When they divorced, he paid child support because the boy is his son. To me, these boys are family.

I didn't want my kids to face that kind of stigma so I didn't tell the extended family. When you live in a different country, it's easy for people to not know you are or are not pregnant. I wanted them to fall in love with my children before they found out the truth. That way, they would still love them no matter what. I figured my kids would tell them themselves when they got older.

What I did not share with Eye Girl is that J and I argued over not telling my extended family. He wanted to. I didn't. I said I wanted to give my kids a fighting chance. But I wonder if part of it is not wanting to be seen as a failure. Or that my husband was a failure. There is such a range of emotions and mental stuff that goes into to infertility and adoption. I can't even begin to tell you.

Almost 2 years ago, I broke down and told one of my favorite uncles the kids are adopted. It was shortly after Mini Me was born and he was hurt that he hadn't been told I was even pregnant. It seems I hurt a lot of people with my secrets. 

So I tell him and he equates us adopting our kids to him giving money every month to his 'adopted' boy through one of those World Vision type Sponsor a Child things. WTH?? He said what we are doing is admirable. WTH?? We are parenting! I just couldn't deal with anymore of that from family. I decided the closet was a wonderful, warm and cozy place where I wanted to live indefinitely. I went back in and locked the door from the inside.

So, there you have it, my bloggy world. I am partially out of the closet. Didn't mean to hurt people. Just wanted to protect my kids. And me.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Oprah Show Debut - Jan 9, 2009

We were on the Oprah Show today!!

This is the show we were invited to possibly talk on.
The topic: Sex 101

At the end of the show, when they do the audience shot, you can see us in the front row. Front row center. I'm wearing all black with a white collar. I have knee high black boots on. J is all in black. We are clapping.

I watched the Oprah Show one Monday when Dr. Laura Berman was on. They talked about 3 different kinds of orgasms women experience. That night, J watched the show. Afterwards, we had some pillow talk.

It was during this time of talking that I told J about something I missed in our intimate relationship. He didn't realize I missed it. In fact, he thought I didn't like it. I thought he didn't like doing it and it hurt him.

It wasn't anything kinky or far out. That's the thing that got a call from an Oprah producer. It was basic. Something basic that we had miscommunicated about and revisted after communicating. Something basic that took our sex life from 95% to 110%.

Okay. Okay. I know you are wondering. We were going to tell 40 million viewers. Why not tell my bloggy friends. Manual stimulation. (Digital stimulation was the term I used that got us a call from a producer.) That's it. J had developed carpal tunnel syndrome a few years back so it had become painful for him to do for me. After a year or more, I forgot the reason why he was in pain. I would move his hand away when he did try. I didn't want my pleasure to cause him pain. As a result, he forgot I actually enjoyed it and thought I didn't like it. J is fine now. His carpal tunnel is managed. I'm a happy woman!

Basic. Basic. Basic.
Communicate. Communicate. Communicate.
Did you watch the show today? Did you see that huge vibrator? Everyone in the audience wanted one. At the commercial break, Oprah said she would have liked to give one to us but she could just see the headlines on the Drudge Report: "Oprah gives away cars and vibrators!" We did get some nice parting gifts though...

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Important Announcement

I interrupt this blog entry for an 
important announcement. 

Please do not adjust your computers, but be sure to 
program your DVR for 
tomorrow's Oprah Show: Sex 101 
That's our show, baby!! 

And I know the backs of our heads are on for sure!! 
Now, you may click HERE to return to the 
regularly scheduled blog entry for today.

Knowing Me, Knowing You - Jan '09

Alright, so The Fairy Blogmother announced a new feature on her little corner of the web: Knowing Me, Knowing You. She's going to give a try at hosting a monthly interview post. She posts the questions around the first of the month, and we are welcome to answer them on our own blogs. You might remember The Fairy Blogmother as the Home of What's Cooking Wednesdays which took off like wildfire.

January 2009

1. Making any New Year's resolutions this year, or do you think the whole idea of resolutions is ridiculous?

Nothing resolute. I have some personal improvements I would like to make. Things I've been thinking about for a long time. If you want to see the whole list, check out my sister-in-law's post. FaithChick and I didn't discuss it, but we have identical goals - except for #5, I've paid my dues, I'm leaving that to the young girls this year.

2. Read/Watched anything good?
My Favorite Frequent Bloggers (Alphabetical Order):  A2EatWriteCre8tve ChaosFairy Blogmother, Jason Widney, Lit and LaundryMommy ProjectSerenity NowWhittaker Woman

3. Blog you can't stop reading...
Ooopsy! I should have read ahead. Well, there is this site called for knitters and crocheters. You can take pictures of your projects, record yarn color/brand/amount you have/need, patterns, all kinds of stuff. It is awesome!! It takes a couple days to be approved, but it is worth the wait!!!!!! Add me as a friend on there once you get on, so I can see your craft projects. 

4. George Clooney and Brad Pitt are together on the cover of the French edition of GQ. Who's hotter?

George. George Clooney is beyond hot descriptions. I think Brad Pitt looks like a monkey. He is handsome. But he looks like a monkey. 

Sorry, Blogmother and Mommy Project, we need to agree to disagree on this one: I am totally okay with Brad and Angelina. Angelina Jolie has really grown into an incredible woman that I respect and admire. Her work with the UN is impressive and real. I think there is far more depth to her than to Jennifer Aniston.

I am still miffed at Jennifer from when she was mean and rude to George Bush's daughters. If you have problem with someone's dad and his politics, don't be mean to his kids, take it up with him.  

You are right, Mommy Project, Brad and Jen were married. However, it is Hollywood and the marriage was doomed before it started. If Bruce and Demi couldn't make it, who can? If it wasn't Angie, it would have been Jen with someone else. 

And I have to say, Angie's body rocks!! Did you see her in Wanted?

5. When it comes to movies, do you prefer the theatre or DVD?
I enjoy seeing action movies at the theatre. I like to cry at chick flicks in the privacy of my own home.

So, this was the first installment of Knowing Me, Knowing You. If you decide to play along on your blog, be sure to give some Linky Love to The Fairy Blogmother.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bag Lady

I discovered a store in Tulsa that has fabulous bags. 
Before our interview weekend, J and I happened into said store and scored some great bags. 

Green Bag
Immediately, the compliments rolled in.
People in Chicago loved my bag.
I returned to the store and picked up 2 more.

Red Bag
I went home to Canada and people loved my bags. 
Friends, strangers, cashiers complimented me on my purses. 
I have owned purses I paid several hundred dollars for. 
Not so many compliments.  

Blue Bag
When we returned to Tulsa at Christmas, 
I had J pick out a couple of bags for me. 
These are my 2 new purses.

What do you think?

Silver Bag
Black Bag
I'm not going to tell you what store, so don't ask. 
Normally I share, share, share. Not this time. 
My little secret.