Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wacky Wednesday - Eye Progression

Do you remember reading about how I almost died (literally) on the CT scan table when I had a BAD reaction to the contrast dye used via IV?

Well, here is the progression of my eyes during recovery.

Day 1
Swollen face.
Broken blood vessels all over my entire face.
Broken blood vessels in my eyes.

Day 2
Looks worse.
My kids came back home after 2.5 months in Oklahoma. I felt so bad, thinking THIS is what my kids have to see of their mother after 2.5 months away!!! But then I reminded myself that they at least HAVE a mother. I almost died. Nurse called to check up on me and said the medical team wasn't sure I would make it.

Day 3
My eyes hurt. They are sore.
Not wearing contact lenses.

Day 4
Concealer was my best friend that covered
up the broken blood vessels on my face.

Day 5
Getting Better

Day 8
No more broken blood vessels on my face!

Day 9.
A little over a week and starting to feel normal again.
Still not wearing contact lenses.


My eyebrows looked great throughout it all!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

You Have a WHAT?

When the kids were in Oklahoma, their grandparents got the kids horses!

Motor Mouth and his cousin share a horse 
named J.R. after the two of their names. 

Mini Me and her two cousins share a horse
named P.E.T. after their threw names.

We got a bunny rabbit named Bun Bun.
It's our city horse. LOL!

And she ate Mini Me's homework!!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

First Day of School - 2011

School started about a month ago. 
J was in town to take first day of school photos. 
J took the kids under the El tracks just down from the school 
for an impromptu photo session.
He dropped the kids off at school. Then he was off to the airport.

This was the first day Mini Me was a student at Motor Mouth's school. 
She absolutely loves it!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Can't Sleep Because of the Bad Words

Parent Fail Tonight.

In my defense, I was at a new knitting and crochet circle I co-founded.

But J. Widney was home with my children...

J. Widney was excited to watch "Bridesmaids" on DVD tonight. He put the kids to bed like a responsible parent. And like a responsible parent, he checked to see if Mini Me was still awake. We live in a loft so the wall between the living room and Mini Me's bedroom does not go to the ceiling. That means she can hear EVERYTHING in the living room, dining room, our bedroom, and the kitchen.

"Mini Me?" "Mini Me?"

No response.

Bridesmaids deleted scene at the ice skating rink:

"F**k. F**k. G*****n. S***. F**k. F**k. G*****n. S***."
Repeat for 2 minutes. Literally, 2 minutes.

"Daddy, I can't sleep with all of those bad words!"

So Daddy moves Mini Me to Motor Mouth's bedroom (It has brick walls to the ceiling.

Motor Mouth: "Dad, I can't sleep. Mini Me keeps saying bad words!"

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sunday, September 4, 2011

I Was Sued

Yeah, I was. I was pretty shocked. Especially because this person accused me of assault. Really. Me.

I had to lawyer up. The attorney suggested we pay this person something to go away. I then informed him that I did not hit this person. He didn't ask before that. He was funny - he said everyone should experience being sued at least once in their lifetime. Really? I could have lived my life without the added stress of this nonsense. There should be some burden of proof or level of proof required before someone can sue another person.

In court, my accuser proved that this was a frivolous law suit, brought by a mentally unstable person. I didn't have to say anything, really. At one point, the judge said to the plaintiff: "You have been talking for over fifteen minutes and I still don't know why we are here." I took that to be a good sign for my defense. Oh, did I mention the plaintiff told the judge there wasn't a single attorney in all of Illinois that would take the case...?

The judge found in favor of the defense - that's me. After it was all said and done, the judge had the plaintiff escorted to the elevator with a bailiff. Then she called my witness and I over and thanked us for our patience in dealing with the plaintiff and for the patience we exhibited in court.

If only I could give you details of the level of insanity on display that day. Email me personally if you want some details...

Friday, September 2, 2011

Knowing Me, Knowing You - Aug '11

knowing me, knowing you - august 2011

Time once again for that monthly interview project, Knowing Me, Knowing You created by my dear friend, Fairy Blogmother. And yes, I know it is September. It's been that kind of a month.

1. Are you going to BlogHer?Nope. I thought it would have been fun a few years ago when I was more into blogging and BlogHer was held in Chicago. But I didn't find out about it until too late. Now I don't have the time or inclination.

2. Do your kids share a bedroom? Did you share a bedroom?No and Yes but yes and no.
Our kids have their own bedrooms but prefer to sleep together. They get in trouble for talking past bedtime. They each have double/full-sized beds so sometimes they sleep in Motor Mouth's room and other times in Mini Me's room. Usually, they sleep on their own unless we have house guests or laundry piled up in Mini Me's room...
I shared a bedroom with my sister for a few years but then my dad built her a bedroom in the basement. It was a good thing. We are very different when it comes to our level of cleanliness and very different people to say the least.

3. Have you bought anything using a group buy website like groupon, wagjag or the like?I have, quite a bit too. Groupon used to be better than it is now, I think. We have used Craigslist a fair bit as well.

4. Are you watching Big Brother?Nope. I watched the first season, enjoyed it and never watched another season.

5. Do you have any tattoos?Yes. Three. Lower back, foot, wrist. I have another foot so I may get another. But I'm not sure. I think I may be tattooed out of places on my body. I will NOT get a tattoo on my arms, shoulder, chest or back. 
Okay, so head over to the Fairy Blogmother to see her answers and to play along. 

When You Go Away

Mini Me sang this impromptu song to J this evening:

Daddy I love you
You are the best daddy
I was sad because you went away
But I knew you weren't dead
And would come back home.