Saturday, May 31, 2008

Anyone Can Do It - How to Fold a Sheet Set

I'm just saying, folding FITTED sheets are not rocket science. This is for your life who might need a step-by-step. And, for those of you who do not already store your sheet set in a pillowcase, there is something for you towards the end. Oh, and to make it easy - Martha Stewart does NOT iron her sheets..her maid does. Mine, does not.

The start

Fold 1 pillowcase first

Fold the flat sheet first

Next, tackle the fitted sheet

Put your finger in 1 corner
Get another corner and put it on top the first

Flip the corners so you can't see the stitching
Do the same to the half of the fitted sheet

Fold in half
Feel free to neaten if you want to.
Fold in half again
And fold in half again
Put all 3 folded items together
Slide into the unfolded pillowcase
Almost done
Using your hand, slide the excess between the fitted and flat sheets
Fold the excess once
And there you have it!!
You can store neatly in a drawer

Or, in a shelf

Friday, May 30, 2008

Family Friday Pt 5 - Aquarium

Family Friday found us at the Shedd Aquarium. Motor Mouth has been REALLY wanting to go. We told him we were just going for a drive and a walk. He was so excited!!

The 'accessible' entrance...
Fish in a tank
Big, green lizard
Big green lizard with LEGS!!
Isn't this like vacuuming while your guests are still visiting?
Aww...that looks really close to - love??
Dolphin show

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Adventures of the 3 M's - To There and Back

The continuing adventures of Mini-Me, Motor Mouth, and Mommy.

Start with the RIGHT walking shoes...this time
And some attitude, mixed with a funky smile
Pick up some rocks for the journeyThrough some creepy tunnels - different from last week
Why didn't GoogleMaps give us this NICE route last week??
Ain't it pretty? The view
Stop to pick the...weeds...
Climb a fence at the University of Chicago b-ball field
3 or more unpaid parking tickets and THIS is what the City of Chicago does to your vehicle!
An Italian flag. Taylor St is part of what was once a very large Italian community.
The DestinationExplain Dumpster Diving to your MotorMouth!! It started raining!! We took shelter in a bookstore.
Then in Coldstone Creamery
I guess Mini-Me WALKED so much, she needed to shed her shoes...
2-story artwork in the lobby of our building.After we napped for 3 hours

My 5yr Old Is Morbid

Motor Mouth was all excited to show me his latest creation: A City.
On the right, is an 'El' train that has CRASHED. In the center, in this creation, that is a train station, and not an airplane hangar. On the left, we have a BAD GUY, with a gun, and the police man is taking him to jail.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Baking Ooops - Installment #2

Motor Mouth says my homemade cake looks pretty. What a sweetie! He has no clue Mommy forgot to add the butter!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sights, Sounds, Scents of Summer

One of my favorite sounds of summer is the sound of construction. The street we grew up, was one of the first streets built upon in our neighborhood. For many years, each summer, I could hear the banging of hammers, the squeal of saws, and the hum of heavy equipment. There was always a slight scent of sawdust. This summer, I get a bird's eye view of construction going on next to our building - more lofts. It's beginning to sound a lot like summer!!