Saturday, May 31, 2008

Anyone Can Do It - How to Fold a Sheet Set

I'm just saying, folding FITTED sheets are not rocket science. This is for your life who might need a step-by-step. And, for those of you who do not already store your sheet set in a pillowcase, there is something for you towards the end. Oh, and to make it easy - Martha Stewart does NOT iron her sheets..her maid does. Mine, does not.

The start

Fold 1 pillowcase first

Fold the flat sheet first

Next, tackle the fitted sheet

Put your finger in 1 corner
Get another corner and put it on top the first

Flip the corners so you can't see the stitching
Do the same to the half of the fitted sheet

Fold in half
Feel free to neaten if you want to.
Fold in half again
And fold in half again
Put all 3 folded items together
Slide into the unfolded pillowcase
Almost done
Using your hand, slide the excess between the fitted and flat sheets
Fold the excess once
And there you have it!!
You can store neatly in a drawer

Or, in a shelf

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Amanda Donaho Photography said...

Um okay, ...basically, you need to know that this post just changed my life.

I hate (read: HATE) sheets... especially fitted ones....