Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Glasses - Pt. 1

Mini Me had some minor difficulty in school this year. Fortunately for her teachers, for us, and for Mini Me, the girl is eloquent. 

Basically, the teachers would write words and letters on the whiteboard and the students were required to write them down. Her teachers found that Mini Me was taking longer than most students. They were concerned as Mini Me was doing well in all other areas. 

One day, Mini Me said, "The letters on the board look like they are having a play date." I have three dear friends who are optometrists. After talking to my friend, Dr. C., she suggested I talk to Dr. V, an acquaintance of mine. 

Dr. V. saw Mini Me and did a number of tests. She specializes in little kids.  Mini Me needs glasses to look at the whiteboard. And she needs to do eye therapy to strengthen her eyes. Basically, most people have the ability to adjust from seeing far and seeing up close but Mini Me needs a little bit of help to work on this. 

Mini Me needs glasses but...not these glasses!

Tower Shadow

I love that my kids are learning to ride their bikes in the shadow of the Sears Tower!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Official Artist

Motor Mouth is officially an artist!
He drew the picture below while standing on our balcony
railing and looking at the Chicago skyline.
One of our neighbors, an artist, purchased this drawing for $20.

Our little artist.
And his first $20 as an artist.

Look Ma! No Wheels!

We have the most amazing village!

To teach the kids how to ride without training wheels, I took Motor Mouth and Mini Me out to the school parking lot next to our building. Bike Boy and Glass Girl saw us out there and brought their bikes down to ride with the kids. They are such awesome neighbors!!!

Our friend, Pride Girl, sent me a link to NYC's park district's learn to ride program that teaches kids to ride without training wheels. They take off the wheels and take off the pedals. Kids learn to balance faster. So I decided to try it.

 Within minutes, Motor Mouth was riding without training wheels!!! 
If it weren't for Glass Girl and Bike Boy, this would not be a success story. They were awesome with the kids.

 Bike Boy and Glass Girl are FRIENDS in the truest sense. They love our kids and include them in their lives. Seriously, we have the BEST neighbors. 

It takes a village!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bikes Held Hostage

There was a bit of drama surrounding our kids' bikes...

The kids' bikes were held hostage in our locker room because I lost the combination to the bike locks. For a year and a half...

Anyway, we needed bolt cutters. No one in had a pair - well, I'm sure Home Depot does. 

A couple of Fridays ago, I asked a new co-worker is married to a fireman if her husband might have bolt cutters in his trunk. No such luck but he hooked me up with our local fire station. A fireman came over and rescued the bikes from their locks!

We had a great family time.

Pritzker in June

One of our favorite things to do in Chicago is to grab a blanket and enjoy the free concerts at Pritzker Pavilion at Millennium Park.