Monday, July 30, 2012

Look Ma! No Wheels!

We have the most amazing village!

To teach the kids how to ride without training wheels, I took Motor Mouth and Mini Me out to the school parking lot next to our building. Bike Boy and Glass Girl saw us out there and brought their bikes down to ride with the kids. They are such awesome neighbors!!!

Our friend, Pride Girl, sent me a link to NYC's park district's learn to ride program that teaches kids to ride without training wheels. They take off the wheels and take off the pedals. Kids learn to balance faster. So I decided to try it.

 Within minutes, Motor Mouth was riding without training wheels!!! 
If it weren't for Glass Girl and Bike Boy, this would not be a success story. They were awesome with the kids.

 Bike Boy and Glass Girl are FRIENDS in the truest sense. They love our kids and include them in their lives. Seriously, we have the BEST neighbors. 

It takes a village!

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