Monday, March 19, 2012

MotorMouth's Sonic the Hedgehog Birthday Party

Motor Mouth's latest OBSESSION is Sonic the Hedgehog. 
It took a bit of work but we managed to put together a special party for him for less than we would normally spend on his cake.

J made the above graphic. J took a pick of Motor Mouth and added Sonic.
He asked Motor Mouth what his favorite Sonic scene was = Street Scene. Voila!
This was posted on our TV and iPad and was shown between photos of Motor Mouth from birth to now.

Sonic Food Table
- Popcorn
- Water Bottles
- Cupcakes (notice the swirl patterns..?)
- Funions
- Blue Corn Chips
- Skittles
- Hummus (nothing to do with Sonic but J made from scratch)
- Sonic plates and napkins from Party Express

Sonic colors are blue and yellow.
Not many blue foods but there's blue corn chips!!!
How perfect is that.

Sonic Gold Rings
Sonic is always trying to get gold rings. 
Yellow is one of Sonic's signature colors.
And Sonic loves onions.
How perfect are Funions?!!

Sonic Bottled Water
I peeled the labels off mini bottled water bottles then 
used home printed shipping labels to the front

Sonic the Hedgehog Popcorn
Not only did I steal this idea from my friend, Dr. C., I also borrowed her popcorn holder!
It's just a box with wrapping paper and square holes cut out
but it saved me time!!!
I found a Sonic graphic, printed it on card stock and taped the edges. 

Chaos Emerald Skittles
Yummy and easy - Open bag and pour!

 Sonic Cupcakes
Box of cake mix, $1
Divide into equal parts and use a LOT of food coloring.
You want to get a really vivid blue and vivid yellow
We put yellow icing on the blue cupcakes and blue icing on the yellow cupcakes
J put them in a swirl pattern on a platter (covered with red tissue paper)

Pin the Tail on Tails
Motor Mouth free hand drew Tails from Sonic.
The boys were blindfolded and pinned a "tail" on Tail 

Sonic the Hedgehog Take Home Gift Bag
- Blue Canvas Bag
- Custom Sonic the Hedgehog Coloring Book
- Chaos Emerald

 Canvas Bag
3/$1 at Dollar Tree
 Custom Coloring Book Cover
Motor Mouth is a great artist so I had him freehand draw an original cover for each of his friends.
He found Sonic poses on the Internet then drew them himself.
The front and back covers are card stock.
I saved (hoarded) free binding comb samples for years.
And, I just so happen to have access to a binding machine...
 I Googled "Free Sonic the Hedgehog Coloring Pages"
Then I printed it b&w 4-up on regular paper

Chaos Emeralds
Sonic is always collecting Chaos Emeralds
I found these small bags at Michaels, 175/$2.99
"Emeralds" were $1 at Dollar Tree in a pack w/jewelry beads
I wrote up and printed the inserts using regular paper

 Edible Chaos Emeralds
We could only find Easter Skittles so I covered the 
easter bunny with a Sonic and friends label

Gifts are never the goal
The Chicago Widneys are a social group that enjoys being with friends

I hope some of these ideas can be implemented at your Sonic the Hedgehog party. It's fun to see how creative other people are and how ideas are translated for different environments and people. If you do use some of the ideas, I would love to see what you did. Please comment and/or include a link so I can see your pictures. Have fun creating!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mini Me's Peace Sign Birthday Party

Peace Sign & '70's Themed Birthday Party
Mini Me LOVES peace signs. 
Has ever since she was 4 years old. 

For her 6th birthday party, Mini Me chose the 
peace sign plate and napkin from Birthday Express

Birthday Graphic
J created this graphic for our TV and iPod screens. 
This image rotated with images of Mini Me as a baby.
J found the fabric and created her headband and "bell bottoms."
The funky colored hair is hers (again, done by her father).
Mini Me has been sporting the hair color for about three weeks now.

Birthday Party for less than the cost of a cake!
My dear friend, Dr. C., had a great birthday spread for her babysitter's 30th birthday. I stole some of her ideas and borrowed a few things from her. I also went online and Googled "peace sign birthday ideas." Here is how my version turned out...

 Peace Sign Water Bottles
Image found via Google and printed on shipping label paper.
I cut it out using a paper cutter.
You can get the right sized labels if you want.
I just used what I already had.

 The Food Table

 Tie Dye Cupcakes
Vanilla cake mix $1 at WalMart. 4-Pack food dye $2. 
Vanilla icing $1.50. Paper cupcake cups $1.
Make cake mix per instructions.
Divide cake mix in 4 bowls.
Use a LOT of food dye to get dark, vivid colors.
Use a teaspoon to scoop approx. 1/2 teaspoon of each color (1-by-1) into paper cups.
Makes 24 cupcakes.
Bake per instructions. Let cool.
Use icing bag to make Peace Sign on cupcakes.
We happen to have a professional server tray that I covered with pink tissue paper $1.
Arrange on tray in Peace Sign (took 21 cupcakes)

'70's colors, right...?
'70's Fabric
$3/yard fabric from Wal-Mart left over from Mini Me's outfit

 Peace Sign Popcorn
Dr. C. loaned me her popcorn box.
It's just a box covered in wrapping paper w/square holes cut out.
I messed up the popcorn logo.
The logo was supposed to go inside but I couldn't get it right.
J was sleeping and I didn't want to wake him to get help on it. 
The girls are 6 years old - they didn't notice or care!
16 popcorn cups = 2 bags of microwave popcorn
Use card stock paper and clear tape.

 Water was chilled first
Also, I used multi-colored Sharpies to write the kid's names on the bottles

These were "kid friendly" brownies
It was a Brownie mix. 
I normally make things from scratch but I was kinda busy.

Wii Dance Party
Dr. C. loaned us the color changing lights that moved to the beat of the music.
This kept them busy ALL evening.
Most of the time, ALL of the girls were up dancing with or without Wii remotes

70's Party Games & Outfits
I remember playing Hot Potato and Musical Chairs when I was a kid in the 70's.
The guests were invited to dress in 70's/Peace Sign outfits. 
The girls were all so very cute and creative!!!

Hot Potato Game
I found multi-colored tissue paper at Dollar Tree for $1. 
I also found glow in the dark bracelets 15/$1 at Dollar Tree and Michaels. 
I wrapped one glow stick in each layer of paper, enough layers 
so each child at the party got a glow bracelet. (see it on the wrists above?)
Each time a child was eliminated, they peeled a layer and got a glow bracelet.

Musical Chairs Game
We only invited 6 friends (6 years old = 6 friends) 
so we had enough glow bracelets for everyone to have 2.
I had them play musical chairs. Each child eliminated got another glow bracelet.

Bracelet Making
This was BONUS!!!
Mini Me's brother is having a Sonic Birthday Party. We found "Chaos Emeralds" at Dollar Tree for $1/bag. There were so many non-Chaos Emeralds left over, I bought stretchy bracelet string ($3 WalMart) and let the girls make their own bracelets. J helped the girls.

Birthday Gifts
Gifts are never expected - 
Widney's like to have fun and spend time with friends!

Peace Sign Gift Bags
Canvas Gift Bag
Purchased at Dollar Tree. 3 for $1!!!
They had pink, green, blue, red

Peace Sign Take Home Gift Bag Contents
- Pink Canvas Gift Bag
- Custom Coloring Book w/peace sign pages
- Celebration Packet w/tie dye confetti
- Pet Rock
- Pet Rock Care Instructions w/Extra Eyes & Nose

Coloring Book
Okay, so I have access to a binding machine and I always get sample binding combs from office supply stores that I saved (hoarded) for the perfect opportunity. 
I Googled "Peace Sign Coloring Pages" 
then printed them black & white, 4-up on 8.5x11 paper.
Same with the cover, only that was in color and
 on card stock. The back page was blank card stock.
All the same size. 
I cut one long binding comb in half so it was even cheaper.
Bound the book and I was done.
Coloring Book Back Page
I had extra stickers so I stuck them on the back of the coloring book.
I also gave one to each kid as they arrived.

Celebration Packet
I received a "Thank You" card from Kendra Smiley (parents, buy her books!) 
that had a "Celebration Packet" in it. 
Flat out stole her idea. 
"Toss contents in air and celebrate!"

I don't know how or where I got tie dye 
Sticky Notes from but I found them sitting in our living room
 about two weeks before the birthday party.

I got out my trusty 3-hole punch and made confetti.
Each packet contains about 7 regular size
Sticky Notes hole punched.

Note: I cut off the sticky part first.
Mini bags from Michaels, $2.99 (for 175!)
They can be found in the bracelet/jewelry section
and are about 2"x 3" (give or take).
(The other side of the white confetti has tie dye colors too)

Pet Rock
Michaels had everything!
Bag of about 15 stones, $2.47.
Neon Eyes, $1.97.
Fuzzy Noses, $1.97. 
Hot glue gun and voila!

Be careful gluing the eyes. You have to bend them down so the pupils are on the clear plastic. THEN dab on glue. Otherwise, the eyes can get melted on to the back and not move around. No one wants their Pet Rock to have a lazy eye. Or maybe you do if you or kid has a lazy eye.

 Pet Rock Instruction Packet
I had SO freaking many eyes and noses left over and sometimes they fall off easy. So I put an extra set of the same color eyes and nose in a dime bag with instructions. 
The "dime bags" were purchased at Michaels for $2.99 (for 175!). They can be found in the bracelet/jewelry section and are about 2"x 3" (give or take).

Pet Rock Win!
I have to tell you. 
P slept over and he wanted to sleep with his Pet Rock in bed with him. 
Made my week!

There you have it. I'm sure we did a few other things but well, that should get you started. If you take any of these suggestions, I would LOVE to see your version. Please leave me a comment if you do and a link to your site so I can go check out your photos. Have fun!!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Belated V-Day Post

I made pancakes for lunch. Yes. Pink hearts.
I love my kiddos!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pretty in Pink

It is permanent. It was professionally done. It covers her whole head. It is pink. She loves it.

Monday, March 5, 2012

No Words

Okay, maybe a couple of words. J did it.