Monday, August 12, 2013

IKEA Hack - Borgsjo

When we moved in to our new place we realized pretty quickly that there was not enough storage for our base kitchen needs as a family of four.  

We planned to get 2-3 upper kitchen cabinets like the ones that were installed during the kitchen rehab. We figured the upper cabinets would be perfect lower down as they are tall for ease of working on counter space and narrow so as to not take up lots of floor space. Excited, we ordered a custom butcher block counter. The warmth of the butcher block would warm up the kitchen with it's stainless appliances, white and black granite counters and white backsplash with stainless tiles

Then we went to order the cabinets and got sticker shock! For months we tried to come up with creative solutions that were not outrageously expensive. Nada. Nothing. Zip. We had specific dimensions because the butcher block was cut and paid for! Tall (at least 32"). Narrow (max 18.5"). Wide (less than 72"). 

For months we searched online and locally, home stores, closeouts, etc.  I even found this amazing blue cabinet on Craigslist that was almost perfect. One day, we went to Ikea for a nightstand. I came upon this brown cabinet and said "How about this for the kitchen?" I fully expected there to be some reason to keep moving on. 

But this Borgsjo cabinet was perfect. Especially the price!!! We got quickly snapped up two cabinets and decided to get the plain doors.  There are options for glass inserts.

We painted the kitchen wall in chalkboard paint. Let it sit for three days like the can says. I put together the cabinets. I held the cabinets together while J used a screw gun to screw the cabinets to each other at the top and bottom on the inside. And I held it steady while J screwed the tops of the cabinets to the bottom of the butcher block. 

The Borgsjo cabinet doors come with round brown knobs. The Ikea online catalog makes it look like the knobs are silver. Maybe they are but the floor model and the package we brought home had brown knobs. I had stainless drawer knobs leftover from another project - they match the main cabinet pulls perfectly - so I used those and tossed the brown ones. 

There is so much storage now! One side has all of our pots and pans, mixing bowls, and juice jugs. The other side has all of our party plates, glasses, and even a few appliances. I'm amazed at how much I am able to store in the cabinets and still have them look neat and tidy without being cramped or hard to access.

We are pleased with the finished results. The doors even match our existing cabinets. We got it all for less than we would have paid for one set of cabinets. Thanks, Ikea!

The bar stool is great for friends or kids to keep me company in the kitchen. But we are planning to build a wine rack there instead one day. Until then, we are enjoying our Ikea Hack!


Holly Jolly said...

Love it! :) We are actually starting our Ikea Kitchen Remodel in 2 weeks! :) I love their versatility and you cannot beat the price or the warranty compared to other companies. I love the idea of chalkboard paint in the kitchen too! So fun! :) Great definitely have some mad remodeling skillz :P

This Crazy Thing Called Motherhood said...

Is your black wall functioning as a chalkboard too? If so, that is so cool. (If not, don't mind me. Sometimes I am stupid like that. lol)


Yes, it is chalkboard paint! It is so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!