Friday, December 7, 2012

Husband Scarf

I made a scarf for my husband that is long, thick, warm, and EASY to make!!!

Husband Scarf Crochet Pattern - Free!

Yarn: Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick and Quick
Yarn Weight: Super Bulky, 6 oz, 106 yards
Color: 149 Charcoal
Balls of Yarn: 3.5
Needle: I-5.50mm & N-9.00mm

Husband Comments: I love this scarf because it is long. Most scarves are not long enough.

Husband Scarf Pattern:
Row 1: With N hook, Chain 275, Chain 3, turn (it's REALLY long. You could stop at 225 for an adult or 175 chains for a child.) Chaining with a larger, looser hook prevents the scarf from curving - keeps it straight b/c the first row of chain tends to be tighter.

Row 2: With I hook, Use the Chain 3 as the first double crochet. Double crochet in next stitch (front loop), then double crochet until end of row, chain 3, turn.

Row 3: Double crochet in next stitch. Chain 2. Double crochet in next 2 stitches. Repeat to end of row. Chain 3. Turn. (This added a simple design element - see close up photo.)

Row 4: Double crochet in first 2 stitches. Double crochet in the space. repeat to end of row.

Rows 5-8: Double crochet in each stitch (2 loops) to end of row. Chain 2. Turn.

Row 9: Double crochet in each stitch to end of row. Slip stitch to end. Cut end and thread through.

Good Luck and Have Fun!!!


Modification One:
For my son who has a gray and orange coat, I chained Row 1, did 3 Double crochet rows, then did Row 3 as above, followed by another 3 rows. Then I chain stitched orange thread and passed through the loops (as in Row 3 above). At the ends, I wrapped around the edge and threaded through.

Modification Two:
For my daughter who is just six years old, I skipped Row 3 (as above) and only did 6 rows. I also added 3 crochet flowers.

Modification Three:
My husband wanted another scarf that was thinner. I skipped Row 3 and just did a total of 6 rows and used a lighter weight yarn. The effect is a "dressy" scarf instead of a warm weather scarf.


Chingaling said...

I was just wondering if the first picture was a picture of your altered "dressier" scarf for your husband! If so, what weighted yarn/what brand of yarn did you use, because I really like the look of it!

Chingaling said...

I was wondering if the first picture you have (with the guy modeling the scarf) is the "dressier" scarf you modified for your husband. If so, I was wondering what weight of yarn you used/what brand of yarn you used. I really like the look of it!(I'm sorry if you got this comment twice, I wasn't sure if the first one went through or not)