Monday, May 26, 2014

God Will Provide

Recently I was told by a Christ follower that "God would provide" for their financial situation. This was said while "blessing" me with services that had been completed and that I had agreed to pay for. In fact, I was chasing this person down to get the money to them because they had not responded to my repeated texts to arrange payment pick up. In fact, I had hired this person because I knew there was a financial need.

Do I believe that God provides basic necessities and opportunities for people? Yes. Do I believe that God blesses people? Yes. Do I think it is our responsibility to act on that provision and those blessings? Absolutely yes.

It drives me crazy that someone in dire financial need would turn down money because "God will provide." God IS TRYING to provide for you by me PAYING YOU for YOUR SERVICES!!!

It reminds me of the story of the person caught in a flood zone. This person is stranded at their house. Water is rising rapidly. An army truck rolls by and they offer a ride. "No, thanks. I'm good. God will provide." A little later the guy is on the roof of his porch. A boat rolls by and they offer a ride. "No, thanks. I'm good. God will provide." The guy is now on his roof. The water is at the roof line. He's got maybe 4 feet before the water hits him. A helicopter flys by they and drop a harness for the guy. "No, thanks. I'm good. God will provide." Guy drowns and gets to Heaven. Says to God: "Father God, Why did you not save me from the raging waters." God shakes his head, rolls his eyes and says: "I tried, you idiot! I sent the Army truck and the boat and the helicopter. You were too foolish and stubborn to accept my help because it did not come in the way you expected it to."

I think we all need to work our butts off to accomplish our goals in life. Sometimes, regardless of how much we work, how much success we have, we might need help. The key is to be open and receptive to the help, even if it's not what we think the help should look like.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

BFF in Da House!

I love it when my BFF comes to town!!! So much fun is had.

Friday, May 9, 2014

I Could Be An Alcoholic

I am amazed that I am not an alcoholic. By all rights, I should be. I don't even drink weekly. This little girl makes me want to run screaming to a bottle.

The first pic is my 8-yr old picking up papers that fell at a cafe.

The last pic is of my child DURING her PE class at school. Mini Me forgot to pack her PE shoes (yes, I told her to) so she had to sit out and read. She is IN the black milk crates.....reading.

God help us!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Traffic Deaths in Illinois 2014

221 traffic deaths in Illinois as of May 2, 2014.

I see these numbers increase almost daily. It is very disturbing to me. It represents 221 caskets in 4 short months. It represents 221 families feeling a tremendous loss. 221 lives cut short.

If we "only" had 50 traffic deaths in Illinois each month, that would be 600 deaths by year end. SIX HUNDRED!!! 600 parents without children, 600 children without parents.

Sadly, each year in Illinois we lose approx. 1,000 people due to traffic accidents. People like 26-yr old Laura LaPlante who was one month away from graduating with her law degree from the University of Chicago and then returning to her native Boston. LaPlante had a job at a Boston law firm lined up already. But for a drunk driver going the wrong way. I saw an interview with a family spokesperson. Laura had her act together. She was a planner. Her life was planned out and on target. But for a drunk driver.

In 2013 there were 992 traffic deaths. Up from 956 in 2012. The lowest number of traffic deaths since 1921 occurred in 2009, with 911. With 992 deaths in 2013, that averages to 2.7 people dying each and every day.

Do you know what the number one cause of traffic deaths is? Speed. I'm as guilty of this as the next person. We ALL need to slow it down. Slow and steady gets there. Alive.

Number two? Alcohol. Come on, people, how many times do we have to be told not to drink and drive?????

I don't have proof but distracted driving has to be up there as well. That's texting or Facebooking while driving. Taking pics. Dealing with children, dogs, or other occupants in a vehicle. Eating. Driving is serious business. Pay attention the whole time!!!!!!!!! It's not just about you. It's about the Laura LaPlantes out there that have their entire lives ahead of them. It's about you and me and the people we love and love us.

If I could singlehandedly keep traffic deaths in Illinois to a max 600, I would. I don't want 600 families torn apart. Let's all do our part.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Perfect Imperfect Plan

Yesterday, an amazing thing happened.

We were driving down a busy street (Roosevelt & Canal in Chicago) when J noticed that two women got into a taxi cab and left their Home Depot cart at the street corner. It caught his attention. He was appalled. Then J noticed that the ladies' purse was in the cart.

J pulled over to the curb. I hopped out, grabbed the purse, and got back in our vehicle. J sped off in pursuit of the red taxi!!!

I looked down at what I was holding. It was a brown leather Coach purse with the woman's cell phone sticking out. It was an extremely full purse, bulging, really.

We zipped in and out of traffic on Roosevelt. Just before Clark, we caught up to the taxi! J pulled alongside, honked excessively, and held up the bag. Finally, the woman opened her door and retrieved the bag. She told him she was from out of town. How awesome was that?!!!

It was really awesome because of what it took for US to be the ones right there at the right time.

Yesterday morning, Motor Mouth had a swim meet in a south suburb that Mini Me and I took him to. J was out of town on a retreat. After the meet, around 11 am, I headed to Roosevelt and Canal to pick up my allergy prescription. Just past my hwy exit, I thought I should get the dog.

We stayed home cleaning longer than planned. Then the kids and I went to lunch. I had planned to grab my meds THEN head to the burbs to pick up J. But J asked me to pick him up early at about 3:30 pm. So I did.

Only we took back streets. J took the uber scenic route. We even went to the wrong Ikea afterwards, and the lines were crazy long.

ALL of these things transpired to bring us to THAT moment to be in THAT spot and for J to notice the purse in the cart.

We often think about ourselves and wonder if we are walking in the path God has designed for us. How often do we wonder if we are in God's plan for someone else....?

Thursday, May 1, 2014

My New Man

Our little dog, Wilson, loves to cuddle with me. This is him staring up at me!

Handicapped Swimmers

Motor Mouth presented his social studies fair exhibit on "Handicapped Swimmers." He did great! The kids had to choose a social issue, research it, write a paper on it, create a display board, and then present it. So proud of my boy!!!