Monday, January 5, 2015

Widney Children Are Growing Up!

My Christmas present this year was these photos from a photo session J did with the kids. Best. Present. Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! And, yes, I cried like a baby. Just like they said I would. LoL!

Motor Mouth is 11 (12 in March) and Mini Me is 8 (9 in March). They really are wonderful children. I am proud to be their mom.

I love this little girl. She is quirky, funny, crazy, insane, loving, generous, infuriating, priceless. 

This next photo was for me because I'm always teasing Motor Mouth about his chest muscles and his six-pack. My swimmer boy is going to break some hearts!

Okay, scratch that. Based upon this next pic, no hearts will be broken! LoL!

This next photo truly captures my kids. Mini Me is always trying to hug or play or mess with Motor Mouth and Motor Mouth is always a little moody and distant. Siblings!