Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Wreck It Ralph Costume

Motor Mouth wanted to be Wreck It Ralph for Halloween. Except...There are NO Wreck It Ralph costumes! The movie isn't even in theaters yet.

Motor Mouth emailed me a pic of Wreck It Ralph. Then he kept asking if we finished his costume. I told him that "Daddy and I GOT this." Then we'd look at each other and whisper "We don't have this, do we?"

J to the rescue!!! J found these two shirts at a thrift store for maybe $4 total. The brown fabric is from JoAnne Fabrics, maybe $14 total.

I crawled into bed at about midnight the night before Motor Mouth needed his costume for a party. J had been asleep and woke up then.

When I woke up the next morning, J had sewed these overalls without a pattern! Look at the detail! It was MAYBE his third time using a sewing machine.

I'm pretty proud of my man. The smile on Motor Mouth's face said it all.

FYI...J cut the neck of the orange shirt to make the v-shape. You can make this with an overalls pattern or buy a white pair of overalls and dye them brown with RIT dye.  Good luck!

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gail said...

wow - someone sewed those overalls without a pattern, to fit, and look that great??? Awesome! I need to find some for my son - he wants to be WIR for Halloween next year (we do family costumes so it takes a while to prepare, hence, alraedy planning!!). Awesome job!!!