Thursday, October 25, 2012

1000th Post

I hit my 1,000th post two posts ago. The one about the Road Trip. Had I been posting regularly, I would have hit the 1,000th post a loooooong time ago. But this is good. I'm glad it was that road trip post because that trip represents an important turning point in the relationship with my BFF. I'm still referring to Usher as my BFF, but he is more like a brother to me after our trip together. I guess almost 20 hours in a car together can either bring you closer or drive a wedge. Fortunately, it brought us closer.

My 1001st post was about someone I cared about many years ago but who has since passed away. It was an important post for me. Ever since I lost a dear friend, Grant Kent, many years ago, I have been slow to mourn the loss of people dear to me. It was nice to say goodbye to Michael Burdi in that post. One day I really should tell you about Grant Kent. He was pretty great.

I started blogging to post photos of our son. And because I felt like I could help make the world a little better place. Do more for your country than your country does for you. That sort of thing. Then I really got into it. When I was a stay@home mom, I blogged all the time. Who knew that four new blogs would out of it and one of those blogs would have more than double my traffic here at Widney Woman. It's because of the Husband Hat pattern I made. I had to create Widney Woman Creative to manage all the extra traffic. It is insane traffic. Insane, I tell you! It makes me chuckle.

If you are a faithful follower, you know that I have not exactly been faithful to post of late. Part of that is because I am so much busier at work and our kids are so involved in swimming. Honestly, though, for two years, I have not been able to post what I would like to because of the day-to-day life ramifications it would hold - not necessarily on me but on the lives of those around me. The last year has been a struggle and while I tend to share my struggles openly, my emotions were far too raw. But I'm coming out of that dark place and hope to be able to share some of the cool and not so cool stuff with you soon.

Join me in raising a glass to the next 1,000!!!

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