Monday, December 16, 2013

Pentathlon Swim Meet

This was SUCH a FUN meet! I love the concept. Swim 50 yards of all 4 strokes (freestyle, butterfly, breast stroke, backstroke) individually then swim a medley of all 4 strokes in the 5th race. 5 races that every swimmer at the meet does.

Motor Mouth won 4/5 races and came in 2nd in one race. He was the meet high scorer for his age group. My favorite part about the meet was MM giving 3/4 of his heat winning prizes to his sister and two of his friends and how he shakes hands with the kids in the lanes next to him.

The meet pool has really tall windows that look out onto a green belt. It had been snowing since about midnight and a steady snowfall continued the the whole meet. Big, fluffy snowflakes. It was beautiful!

The boy on the right is MM's good friend. I LOVE this kid. I got him hooked on reading Lemony Snickett's "A Series of Unfortunate Events" - in a British accent. It's the best way to read the books for maximum enjoyment.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Media Wives

I am currently a production widow. It means J is spending long hours & nights, working feverishly to meet a hard deadline.

This is my world. I met J at midnight when he crashed at his aunt's house when I was house/teenager sitting. We have done this for our entire marriage. Some nights, he doesn't come home.

When we were childless, I would stay with J for those long hours. I've unpacked par cans, inserted gobos, hung curtains, cut holes in 50 ft flags, held ladders, operated a Genie lift and more. I've run camera, run words, been a stage manager, served the crew food, you name it. I still remember the pain of unraveling about 200 strings of Xmas lights.

It wasn't all drudgery. I've met some of the biggest names in the industry and hung out with their kids and crew. Let's not talk about the time I picked up the talent from the hotel and took the wrong way on the turnpike when he was already running late for sound check.

I am NOT a showbiz kinda girl. I don't get off on being a roadie. What I do enjoy is helping my husband achieve his goals and deadlines. I enjoy spending time with my husband. Sometimes that means that I am keeping him company even though I'm snoring on the front row of seats. It could mean I'm bringing dinner to serve the crew. Or that I'm part of the crew.

In order to learn more about what my husband does and talks about, I started reading his trade publications. Fascinating reads! I could tell you all about the most recent Installations in Vegas or a mega church.

Since becoming a mom, mostly it means being a single parent for a few days or weeks or a month. It means I am the only one that cheers our kids on or that I only cheer one kid on and a friend cheers our other child on across town. It means that if the dishwasher is going to break, it will happen during production week. Or both kids will get sick and I'm the only one to care for them.

I hate it when new production wives call and put pressure on their husbands to go home. I want to yell: "It's for the greater good, Woman!" It seems immature and childish for a woman to call her husband home to what - sleep next to her? Unless your kit says you are ovulating and this is the window, let the man do his job.

Be supportive. Encourage your man. This is especially important when he is nearing crunch time. Don't trouble him about Johnny needing braces. Johnny will still need braces on Monday. Just let it go for a couple of days until after the crunch passes.

Try sending supportive texts or leave messages in his lunch. This was a private text I sent to my husband this morning. I'm sure he will be fine sharing it with you:

"I am so very incredibly proud of you. I know the toll this production has taken on you mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. You have poured your heart and soul into this production to bring glory to God, focus people on Jesus, and to enable people to connect at whatever level they are at. I love you dearly, J."

I'm not a perfect production wife or widow. Nor am I super human. I miss my husband. I miss him in bed next to me. I miss him at the dinner table. He is my best friend so naturally, I miss sharing my day or troubles with him. Our kids miss him.

My husband doesn't just do what he does for a paycheck. He does it because he was born to do this. He does it because he makes a difference in people's lives. He enables and enhances the artists. Don't believe me? Let the artist try singing or talking on stage in the dark or without a microphone.

Yeah, I'm going to be supportive of my husband during production season. Will you?

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Skipping Christmas This Year?

Christmas is less than two weeks out.

This is as far as we got with a tree this year. And that's only because it was put up by two Christmas cows from Santa's Farm at the North Pole that got tired of seeing it in its box.

We have ZERO gifts purchased. No stockings have been hung. No visits to Santa. J said we are forgoing our annual Christmas card. You know, the one that we throw together at the last minute, email to our nearest and dearest and then slap on social media. We haven't even ordered the Christmas ham.

What we do have, is a tree in J's office at work, an amazing Christmas production will be presented four times this weekend, and Motor Mouth just got six more swim medals.

I don't think we are boycotting Christmas. I think we just don't have time for it yet.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Coach E

Motor Mouth had a great swim meet this weekend. He did really well in all of his events. To top it off, his very first swim coach came to the meet today.

This is the coach that looked at my son in Learn to Swim and told me Motor Mouth was doing really well and that I should think about putting MM on the swim team. I did.

For three seasons, MM learned and grew under Coach E. MM worked hard and a friendship was formed.

It was great to hear and see Coach E cheer on MM today. It meant a lot to MM and to me.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Honor Roll Pokemon

My kid is on the Honor Role in the fifth grade at his private school. Pretty awesome feat considering he swims for two hours/day and rushes through his work just so that he can draw Pokemon characters....

Hit My Target At Target

This is proof that it IS possible to go to Target and only purchase the ONE item you went there for AND for less than $50. Impossible, right? Well, here is how to do it:

1. Bring cash.
2. Be in a rush.
3. Pick up a really cool hat for your daughter but... Wait for it... Put. It. Back.

Good luck, friends. Be strong!

Crazy Kids

Motor Mouth messing around before swim practice.

MooMoo & MeeMee 2013

They're baaaaaack!!!

MooMoo and MeeMee, our favorite Christmas Cows from Santa's farm found us at our new home. We were all happy to welcome our December house guests again.

Photo Top:
Kids found the Cows on the front steps Sunday morning - after searching the whole house. LoL!

Photo Left:
Mini Me used her t-shirt to make a bed for them on her dresser.

Photo Right:
MooMoo & MeeMee were found playing Connect 4 on Day 3.

John Legend & Rihanna

If they ever need a young John Legend as a child or a young Rihanna as a child for a video or movie, these two are it!!!

Mini Me and her BFF at the B96 Pepsi Summer Bash in Chicago this past summer. Mini John Legend's dad was the MC at the Pre-Bash.