Thursday, December 12, 2013

Skipping Christmas This Year?

Christmas is less than two weeks out.

This is as far as we got with a tree this year. And that's only because it was put up by two Christmas cows from Santa's Farm at the North Pole that got tired of seeing it in its box.

We have ZERO gifts purchased. No stockings have been hung. No visits to Santa. J said we are forgoing our annual Christmas card. You know, the one that we throw together at the last minute, email to our nearest and dearest and then slap on social media. We haven't even ordered the Christmas ham.

What we do have, is a tree in J's office at work, an amazing Christmas production will be presented four times this weekend, and Motor Mouth just got six more swim medals.

I don't think we are boycotting Christmas. I think we just don't have time for it yet.

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