Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dead Dreams

Dead Dreams

Jason has attended our church, Grace Fellowship, since he was a child. Now on staff, Jason came up with the new name, “Grace Kids”, for our children's building because he was a Grace Kid. Jason also designed the new children's logo and he spent literally months working on special lighting for the children's building before it opened. When the doctors told us we would probably never have children we were devastated. We made ourselves go to work and keep going even though we wanted to just close ourselves away from everyone. At least twice a week Jason had to walk those children's building halls, knowing he would never have a child who would benefit from the fruit of his labor. 

Late one night, Jason went to Wal-Mart and purchased baby stuff. He arranged it in a big basket and set it in our bedroom as a faith statement. Soon after, Jennifer Hatch, a teacher at our Christian school gave an interpretation of Ezekiel 37:1-10 during staff devotions. We held on to this scripture. Simone even taped it to her computer monitor.

“So I prophesied to my dead dreams like God told me to. And I commanded life to come into my heart's desire. And that inner dream God gave me lived and rose up fully manifested.” 

When Simone took Jazz to the nursery the first time, she was given a new mom's gift pack that contains a bib, bottle, rattle, and fridge magnet all with the Grace Kids logo that Jason designed!! 

After Jason took this picture and put the scripture with it, he realized the sleeper Jazz is wearing was one of the ones he purchased that night. Our once empty sleeper, purchased as a faith statement, now is filled with a beautiful baby boy. What a testament to God's never ending mercy and faithfulness. 

Now the “inner dream God gave us lives and has risen up, fully manifested.” 
His name is Jazz David Paul.

I wrote "Dead Dreams" for our adoption agency's newsletter. We have shared our story at adoption workshops. As a result, we have heard many stories of how Dead Dreams encouraged and helped others. If you have a dream that seems to have tanked, I hope this short version of our story gives you encouragement.

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Jen of A2eatwrite said...

It's another lovely, inspirational story about the fact that we can always find a way if we open our hearts and souls.

We were blessed with one child and wanted others, which weren't to be possible given a car accident I'd had after C was born, but our route was our exchange daughters and son who have truly remained part of our family over the years.

What a sweet, sweet picture of Motormouth!

TMTFAM4 said...

"When we attended the waiting families workshop before Z was born I remember you guys talking and handing out the card about "dead dreams" I was so moved by that I put it on my mirror and prayed about my dead dreams becoming a reality and you know the rest! Even though you guys are not here, I still hold you all close at heart and thank God that we both had dead dreams that are now 4 beautiful children and a wonderful friendship! LOVE YOU GUYS!"


J recently told me about a couple experiencing infertility who were given one of the 'Dead Dreams' 4x6 cards we gave out at workshops. They purchased a crib and put the card in the crib as their faith statement. Today, they have 3 biological children!!! God amazes me frequently.

Mella said...

Simone...All I can say is that God is good and he speaks to you in ways that just amaze you....I needed to hear these stories of faith...The timing was perfect just as God has designed...