Monday, January 21, 2013

Shy Girl Rules

See this girl? This shy little girl still lives inside me.

She is the one that was too shy to talk to her classmates (that she had known for 1-2 years!) the first two weeks of first grade. She is the one that was too shy to take swim lessons at age six.

This is the shy girl that could do no more than whisper to sales clerks in the mall. She's the one that wouldn't go to high school if she didn't have a ride or someone to walk with her.

This is the same shy girl that I fight against when I give school tours, and return phone calls, and just walk down the street.

This shy girl doubts that I will continue to have double digit enrollment for the fourth year in a row. She doubts that I will have sufficient volunteers and attendees for my big event coming up.

I don't always like this girl. She has a way of holding me back in life. But she has spunk and knows how to have fun so I keep her around.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Sunday Random

I need to do Sunday Randoms more often. Quick updates on my week and what is on the agenda.

I'm reading three books right now. I don't really have time to read one but well, it is what I do. I'm excited about all three of them. One of the books is for middle school students. It's a great book. Jerusalem Maiden by Talia Carner. Then there is Best Friends, Worst Enemies that I am reading for a Book Talk at the school. Finally, my Bestie, Usher, read Cloud Atlas and wants me to read it so we can discuss it.

There may be some big changes to our family coming in the next few weeks and months. I'm cautiously optimistic. It would be huge for our family if this comes to pass. Huge. We could really use a huge change like this right now.

It's the thick of the admissions process. I'm looking forward to this season. But I'm scared too. I've had about 25-35% increases in admissions numbers for the last three years. Each year, I keep thinking that this is the year that the double-digit increases stop and I no longer look like a shining star.

More than the numbers is the heart wrenching. I get to know these families. I believe that we have a great school that would serve many students well. So when financing or something falls through, I am crushed. This is the start of an eight month emotional journey for me.

I have this great new bike that I want to ride!!! My back went out right after I got the bike. It's finally at a point where I can do a test ride but now it is REALLY getting cold out. I just want to ride it around the block. Hello!!!

Easy Updating
I have been using the email update feature. Love it!!! Wish I had started it a long time ago. Makes it so easy to add a photo and a blog post. Love, love, love!

I should go to bed now. Well, I should have gone to bed an hour ago. Yikes!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

One of THOSE parents

I'm becoming one of those parents that records their kid's race times and is planning for the next phase of their swim career.

Motor Mouth started swim team three years ago because the Learn to Swim instructor saw something in him and said he should be on swim team. About 30 gold, silver and bronze medals later, our boy is one of the fastest in his age group in the league. WoW!!!

Motor Mouth has worked hard and has earned every medal. He practices for 10-12 hours/week. He has a great attitude and is considerate of others on his team. He doesn't see other kids as his competition - he's there to have fun and hang out with kids his age.

I like the sport of swimming. It's not something I ever got into or know about but it's a good sport. Great cardio, low impact, life-long sport, less chance of breaking a limb than basketball or football.

We would like to see how far Motor Mouth can go with swimming. It could determine which high school he attends and it could get him a scholarship to university. It's amazing how young some of these decisions have to be made. I guarantee you that if Motor Mouth was not where he is right now - like if he was only now getting into it or he was not racing in the fastest heats at meets, he would not have a chance at future swim success. The competition from here on out only gets tougher.

We are excited to see what Motor Mouth can accomplish in the next few years. We also want him to continue to love the sport and to have a great time practicing and competing. Ultimately, of it's not fun, it's not worth it.


Mini Me wants to be a doctor but she just might have a career in the fashion industry. She made this outfit using her pajama pants. No cutting necessary.

Family Movie Night

All four of us cuddled up on our sofa to enjoy Charlotte's Web. Our treat was candy canes.

We caught Charlotte's Web as part of Showtime's free weekend. How is it possible we don't have this classic in our movie repertoire???

After Charlotte's Web, Mini Me took off for the play room (Motor Mouth's bedroom) and J left the sofa in favor of his chair. Motor Mouth and I cuddled and watched Real Steel with Hugh Jackman.

New Fish

We have new members in our family. Fish!!! Real living fish that live in Widney Loft.

I wasn't so keen on the fish idea at first. Motor Mouth REALLY wanted a fish tank. Mini Me got in on it. J thought it was a great idea and ran with it.

I remember my brother having an aquarium when we were kids. I remember it being nice and took work to keep the tank clean. I didn't want to end up having to feed fish every day when the kids forgot. Our lives were full enough.

But with the fish, much like adding a new family member, you don't realize how much you missed having them in your life until they come on the scene.

J is running with this one. He and Motor Mouth know all about the fish. The kids named the fish in their tank: Oney, Twoey, Threey, Speeder, and Nomeo and Juliet Group. But Divey and Cathy are "swimming with the fishes" in Lake Michigan.

The kids have been great taking turns sleeping next to the tank in Motor Mouth's room, feeding in the morning, monitoring for the health of the fish. They make sure to say goodbye to the fish when they leave for school and they greet the fish when they get home at night.

We found the kid's tank so calming and peaceful that we added a tank to the living room. It's a beautiful addition. Can't believe we didn't do it before!!!

We have two new fish in the living room that I got to name. I named them after my best friend, Usher, and our newly acquired family member, King. Usher and King are like the fish - we didn't realize how much we needed them in our lives until they arrived on the scene. The other three fish are named after my three siblings. It would be really awkward if any of my sibling fish...perish...

Friday, January 11, 2013

Daily Pics - Glasses

I am still taking daily pics of myself and sending to my bestie, Usher. He looks forward to it and texts when I don't send a pic. This is so much fun and yet so silly.

Top left - Gangsta style!

J picked out these glasses for me. I have to say, they bring a LOT of unexpected attention. I have had crazy attention. As in, if I were single, I'd have a date every night. 

Celebrating Mediocrity

Mini Me is on a swim team. Last weekend, she had a swim meet. She was awarded a sixth and seventh place ribbon.

Really? Why do we have to celebrate when kids lose? First, second, and third has been the norm. Why do we have to make kids feel like they are winners when they lost the race. By a LOT?

I played a lot of sports as a child. I knew I had to work hard to get in the top three. So when I earned my first place ribbons I knew I had truly accomplished a feat. I remember winning in high jump and then having to jump over and over to see if I could beat the city record. Almost but I didn't. But it gave me a goal to strive towards.

What does getting a sixth place ribbon tell my daughter? It tells her that she doesn't have to swim hard and fast to get a medal and that the half assed attempts she made on Saturday are good enough to get a ribbon. I saw her swimming. She was coasting. I want my kids to work hard and get rewarded for their efforts, not coddled. Let them have real goals to work towards.

Sports are supposed to teach kids about the value of hard work. Don't devalue the lesson by dumbing it down.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Crochet Hat Project

I totally need to make this hysterical little hat for someone's baby.

Skeleton Gift

Mini Me LOVES anything medical. I really need to make this for her birthday in March.

Hmmm....Maybe a medical themed birthday...? Wait. No. I don't need a bunch of 7 year olds playing doctor on my watch! LoL!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Cute Elf

I think Mini Me looks adorably cute here in the hat and scarf I made for her this year. And like an elf.