Sunday, January 13, 2013

New Fish

We have new members in our family. Fish!!! Real living fish that live in Widney Loft.

I wasn't so keen on the fish idea at first. Motor Mouth REALLY wanted a fish tank. Mini Me got in on it. J thought it was a great idea and ran with it.

I remember my brother having an aquarium when we were kids. I remember it being nice and took work to keep the tank clean. I didn't want to end up having to feed fish every day when the kids forgot. Our lives were full enough.

But with the fish, much like adding a new family member, you don't realize how much you missed having them in your life until they come on the scene.

J is running with this one. He and Motor Mouth know all about the fish. The kids named the fish in their tank: Oney, Twoey, Threey, Speeder, and Nomeo and Juliet Group. But Divey and Cathy are "swimming with the fishes" in Lake Michigan.

The kids have been great taking turns sleeping next to the tank in Motor Mouth's room, feeding in the morning, monitoring for the health of the fish. They make sure to say goodbye to the fish when they leave for school and they greet the fish when they get home at night.

We found the kid's tank so calming and peaceful that we added a tank to the living room. It's a beautiful addition. Can't believe we didn't do it before!!!

We have two new fish in the living room that I got to name. I named them after my best friend, Usher, and our newly acquired family member, King. Usher and King are like the fish - we didn't realize how much we needed them in our lives until they arrived on the scene. The other three fish are named after my three siblings. It would be really awkward if any of my sibling fish...perish...

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