Monday, January 21, 2013

Shy Girl Rules

See this girl? This shy little girl still lives inside me.

She is the one that was too shy to talk to her classmates (that she had known for 1-2 years!) the first two weeks of first grade. She is the one that was too shy to take swim lessons at age six.

This is the shy girl that could do no more than whisper to sales clerks in the mall. She's the one that wouldn't go to high school if she didn't have a ride or someone to walk with her.

This is the same shy girl that I fight against when I give school tours, and return phone calls, and just walk down the street.

This shy girl doubts that I will continue to have double digit enrollment for the fourth year in a row. She doubts that I will have sufficient volunteers and attendees for my big event coming up.

I don't always like this girl. She has a way of holding me back in life. But she has spunk and knows how to have fun so I keep her around.

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