Sunday, June 1, 2008

Adventures of the 3 M's - Sunday Edition

It's Sunday evening, and Daddy is at work...and he took the vehicle, so...Mommy couldn't go grocery shopping. This is a more fun alternative for a Sunday evening...we think!!

Mommy, Mini-Me and MotorMouth, ready to hit the open sidewalks!
The shoes from Thursday, gave MotorMouth blisters. So, we are trying these ones.
We had to get a new, double-wheeled stroller that could also fold up tiny for the bus and subway. Double wheels are needed for rough sidewalks and grates, etc.
These flowers smelled beautiful!!!!!!!
Mini-Me is the animal lover
MotorMouth, running for his life!
ColdStone Creamery. Mini-Me, ready for another bite...or the dentist...

Mini-Me ate hers and the rest of MotorMouth's
Flirting with the neighbor boy

Not a typical site in T-Town...par for the course in Chi-Town!
MotorMouth has been working these monkey bars for days
HE DID IT!!!!!!!!!
Mini-Me did a face plant
Ben, the 8-yr old who played tag with MotorMouth and Mommy. Mommy ran a LOT!!
MotorMouth, back home and RED in the face

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