Monday, June 2, 2008

Culinary Contretemps

Sure, this dish of tabbouleh looks pretty and colorful. But it is jacked up!! Before I continue, let me just say, I have cooked more in the last month, than I have in the last 5 years, combined. Now, read on, please...

The recipe called for lemon 'zest'. I don't have a lemon zester, so the next best thing, I figured, was a potato peeler. I figured if I was light in my zespeeling, I'd be fairly close to a zest. Not so. See the BIG chunks of lemon rind? Yeah. When J got home, he said I should have used the grater. Duh!

Now, see the big, green things? That's parsely. The recipe said to 'snip' the parsley with kitchen shears. I got out my kitchen sheers and snipped. I snipped it from the long stem. When J got home, he said I should have 'cut' the parsley into small pieces. Well, why didn't they just say 'chop parsley into tiny pieces'. I could have done that.

Anyway, the tabbouleh tasted good. It tasted better after J added garlic powder and garlic salt. Which, the recipe did not call for. Maybe I should take a cooking class!


Keisha said...

Or you could start watching the food chanel. That's what I do.

Threeundertwo said...

I love tabbouleh. It's even better as leftovers if it sits in the fridge for a while. I'd just chop up some garlic cloves and throw them in there.