Thursday, May 29, 2008

Adventures of the 3 M's - To There and Back

The continuing adventures of Mini-Me, Motor Mouth, and Mommy.

Start with the RIGHT walking shoes...this time
And some attitude, mixed with a funky smile
Pick up some rocks for the journeyThrough some creepy tunnels - different from last week
Why didn't GoogleMaps give us this NICE route last week??
Ain't it pretty? The view
Stop to pick the...weeds...
Climb a fence at the University of Chicago b-ball field
3 or more unpaid parking tickets and THIS is what the City of Chicago does to your vehicle!
An Italian flag. Taylor St is part of what was once a very large Italian community.
The DestinationExplain Dumpster Diving to your MotorMouth!! It started raining!! We took shelter in a bookstore.
Then in Coldstone Creamery
I guess Mini-Me WALKED so much, she needed to shed her shoes...
2-story artwork in the lobby of our building.After we napped for 3 hours

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Amanda Donaho Photography said...

Loving that last pic of Paris!!

Thanks for the photog referals! And for the "Our Photographer" link on here :o)

Keep up with the blog, I love seeing where you are!