Sunday, September 4, 2011

I Was Sued

Yeah, I was. I was pretty shocked. Especially because this person accused me of assault. Really. Me.

I had to lawyer up. The attorney suggested we pay this person something to go away. I then informed him that I did not hit this person. He didn't ask before that. He was funny - he said everyone should experience being sued at least once in their lifetime. Really? I could have lived my life without the added stress of this nonsense. There should be some burden of proof or level of proof required before someone can sue another person.

In court, my accuser proved that this was a frivolous law suit, brought by a mentally unstable person. I didn't have to say anything, really. At one point, the judge said to the plaintiff: "You have been talking for over fifteen minutes and I still don't know why we are here." I took that to be a good sign for my defense. Oh, did I mention the plaintiff told the judge there wasn't a single attorney in all of Illinois that would take the case...?

The judge found in favor of the defense - that's me. After it was all said and done, the judge had the plaintiff escorted to the elevator with a bailiff. Then she called my witness and I over and thanked us for our patience in dealing with the plaintiff and for the patience we exhibited in court.

If only I could give you details of the level of insanity on display that day. Email me personally if you want some details...

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Jason Simone said...

I've always wanted to be in court for some reason. If only to wear a sharp Prada suit.