Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Can't Sleep Because of the Bad Words

Parent Fail Tonight.

In my defense, I was at a new knitting and crochet circle I co-founded.

But J. Widney was home with my children...

J. Widney was excited to watch "Bridesmaids" on DVD tonight. He put the kids to bed like a responsible parent. And like a responsible parent, he checked to see if Mini Me was still awake. We live in a loft so the wall between the living room and Mini Me's bedroom does not go to the ceiling. That means she can hear EVERYTHING in the living room, dining room, our bedroom, and the kitchen.

"Mini Me?" "Mini Me?"

No response.

Bridesmaids deleted scene at the ice skating rink:

"F**k. F**k. G*****n. S***. F**k. F**k. G*****n. S***."
Repeat for 2 minutes. Literally, 2 minutes.

"Daddy, I can't sleep with all of those bad words!"

So Daddy moves Mini Me to Motor Mouth's bedroom (It has brick walls to the ceiling.

Motor Mouth: "Dad, I can't sleep. Mini Me keeps saying bad words!"

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