Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wacky Wednesday - Eye Progression

Do you remember reading about how I almost died (literally) on the CT scan table when I had a BAD reaction to the contrast dye used via IV?

Well, here is the progression of my eyes during recovery.

Day 1
Swollen face.
Broken blood vessels all over my entire face.
Broken blood vessels in my eyes.

Day 2
Looks worse.
My kids came back home after 2.5 months in Oklahoma. I felt so bad, thinking THIS is what my kids have to see of their mother after 2.5 months away!!! But then I reminded myself that they at least HAVE a mother. I almost died. Nurse called to check up on me and said the medical team wasn't sure I would make it.

Day 3
My eyes hurt. They are sore.
Not wearing contact lenses.

Day 4
Concealer was my best friend that covered
up the broken blood vessels on my face.

Day 5
Getting Better

Day 8
No more broken blood vessels on my face!

Day 9.
A little over a week and starting to feel normal again.
Still not wearing contact lenses.


My eyebrows looked great throughout it all!

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