Saturday, September 7, 2013

Lemonade Stand

I've been promising the kids a Lemonade Stand all summer. They wanted to do one at the condo but I didn't think it right for them to sell to just our fourth floor neighbors.

In the new house we live on a family street with trees and our very own front yard. The kids were so excited that they could finally have a lemonade stand!

The morning started off crazy! J was pulling all nighters installing a new sound booth so I was doing this solo parent style. The table our friend loaned us was in the trunk. I forgot to get coins and small bills and search for our coin box in our remaining boxes. Luckily, J was running errands. He swung by quickly.

Mini Me raided our coin jar and counted out what we needed to make change. She pulled out her play cash register from her toy closet.

Motor Mouth was busy drawing artwork to sell. He wanted to draw dinosaurs. I told him to consider his audience. He drew two pics of President Obama, one of Martin Luther King, Jr., and one of the Chicago skyline.

I was busy mixing up lemonade and baking cookies and making signs!

Our friends came over and kept us company for a couple hours. They purchased lots of lemonade, cookies and the skyline drawing!!!

The kids did great considering no one was walking down our street today! I knew this was a quiet neighborhood but really? Less than 20 passers by in 3 hours! They made about $20.

They made about $20. Not bad considering lemonade was only $0.50/glass. The kids split the profits and we were off to Target to spend it all on Pokemon.

After bedtime I was feeling a little lonely. I had all that leftover lemonade and cookies and no one to share it with! Then I realized we have vodka! You are never really alone when you have vodka. I learned that from my Russian ex sister-in-law.

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