Saturday, September 7, 2013

Bad Dreams Every Night

See this allergy medication? The brand name is Singulair. Gives me crazy dreams that lead up to nightmares that wake me up every night. Every night.

My allergies were off the charts! I had taken Nasonex for about 10 years. It worked great. Really, really great. Until it didn't anymore.

My new allergist is AMAZEballs! I'm going to name him by his real name. Dr. Pravin Muniyappa is THAT good. If you are ever in Chicago and need an allergist, he's your guy.

Anyway, I am now on a nasal inhaler 2x/day and Singulair at night. I thought I was just really stressed out and having bad dreams because of that. Then I thought to check the side effects of Singulair. There it was. Nightmares.

I wake up EVERY NIGHT after someone has chased me or someone I love dearly has met a horrible, untimely death in my presence, or armed intruders have invaded my home or work. I could go on. It's not child's play.

This week, J said that I was hugging him really tight in the middle of the night. To understand the magnitude of this you need to know that we have a king bed. We have to crawl all the way across the bed just to find each other.

It's not ideal having nightmares very night. But it beats the alternative. I can breathe during the day. I have my sense of smell back. I can taste food again. I don't have to carry a box of Kleenex with me wherever I go. (Trust me, a packet was not enough.) I may have nightmares, but I wake up much more refreshed now.

So maybe Singulair is giving me nightmares. I actually think that it's a fair trade off.

Goodnight, Singulair. See you in my dreams.

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