Monday, March 11, 2013

Great Weekend

I had a really wonderful weekend. It started on

I helped a friend for a little bit. She twisted her ankle and her husband was out of town for the weekend. Not sure how much I really helped but I was able to do her dishes and my kids played with her kids while she and I got caught up on each other's lives.

We went out to the suburbs and enjoyed a great lunch at Baisi Thai in Oakbrook. J had a Groupon so we pretty much just got an amazing meal for the price of a tip!

We made a quick detour to our friend's home. She recently redecorated her son's bedroom. I LOVE what she did in there!!! It is 100% her son. Everything he loves is in his room and makes up his room. We only had 15 minutes to visit. Short and sweet. Too short!!!!

Afterwards, the kids and I babysat my other friend's kids. We had a nice time! J got a chance to get work done.

We went over to MAM's. As usual, it was great. We got a chance to talk to people we had not seen in months - all people we know through MAM. Some of whom are real friends of ours now.

It was brief, but our friend LRD was there - she got a book deal!!! I got to spend time with my former boss and his girlfriend. Love, love, love them. Hey! MAM got a book deal too!

All of this and I got a TON of work done AND I'm organized and ready to tackle the week ahead.

(Pic of me and MAM)

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