Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I Am Good.

Each evening as we sit together for our family dinner, we take turns sharing our "Top 3" for the day. Monday evening my last item was that I felt good. Just really felt good.

Nothing hurt. I wasn't exhausted. I wasn't sad. I wasn't jumping from the rooftops happy either. I just. Felt. Good.

You ever just feel good? As in, you stop and take account of how you are actually feeling and how you are doing in your head and in your heart.

There are the times when you get a paper cut on your pinky finger which reminds you that you actually have a pinky finger. Or you have a really painful zit at the base of your right nostril and for a day, you remember that you have a right nostril.

Most times, unless we are in pain or discomfort, most of the time we don't realize we have 2001 body parts. Shout out to the good folks at Lever body soap counted.

Anyway, I felt good. I took the time to take stock of my body and my life and realize that I'm doing good. I'm good.

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