Monday, October 10, 2011

Knowing Me, Knowing You - Oct '11

It's time once again for the monthly interview project... knowing me, knowing you....

1. Are you watching Revenge?
No. I'd like to watch it but I watch enough right now. Well, technically, I DVR enough right now.

2. Do you decorate for Halloween?J started to about 2 years ago so this is the third Halloween we decorate for. J does spider webs and spiders. This year, the kids will be painting pumpkins. We typically have scarecrows.

3. Do you have any crafty plans for Christmas presents?
No. I simply do not have the time, unfortunately.

4.What's your dream vacation?Going away on an airplane to somewhere warm with lots of boutique stores with unique handmade items and being able to sleep or read all day and night. Alone. No kids.

5. Which of your relatives live closest to your house.
My brother lives 5 minutes closer than my parents. My parents and siblings all live 8 hours away in Canada. They are our closest relatives. Then comes Tulsa people at 11 hours and the Pensacola side at 13 hours.

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Shan said...

Thanks for playing along!