Monday, October 10, 2011

Bye Bye Bun Bun

I had to take Bun Bun back to the farmhouse a week ago. 

It has been 9 days. I think about her all the time. I miss my Bun Bun.
When J was traveling all summer and the kids were gone, it was me and my rabbit.
I fell deeply, madly in love with her almost at first sight.

The trouble started in the car ride home. J's eyes were watery and swelling and itchy. His throat was itchy too. But we figured it was because we had been in a farmhouse full of rabbits. One little rabbit won't cause that reaction.

Wrong. We should have turned around at the next exit and taken Bun Bun back. My heart would not have broken then. My kids would not have bonded to this sweet creature. 

Instead, we forged on. We fell in love. We learned for sure that J has a rabbit allergy. Who knew?

If J did not work from home when he is town, that would be one thing. If J did not already have this crazy eye affliction that primarily Native American males get, that would be another thing. If J did not do video work that requires him to have his eyes in peak working condition, that would be yet another thing. 

Yes, J could have taken allergy meds. But I'm not going to plug my husband full of drugs so we can keep a pet. Besides, J is my money maker. I need him happy. 

Here are some pics of me and Bun Bun together.

Eating out of my hand

Taking a break under the zebra chair

Coming back for more

Licking my hand

Deciding which bookcase shelf she can fit in


Threeundertwo said...

What a beautiful rabbit! I'm so sorry you had to take him back. I had pet rabbits for many years growing up and they were wonderful.

Sorry you have things going on in your life you can't blog about. Do you want to share? I'm at my screenname at hotmail dot com.

Shan said...

Aww I'm sorry you had to take back bun bun. I know how excited you were to get one.