Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Medical Detective

I finally went for my mammogram a few months ago. They told me I really need to get them the film from last time for comparison. That was 3.5 years ago and 3 states away!

In the meantime, my then-doctor merged his private practice with a large practice consisting of over 15 offices in the greater Tulsa area. Then he left patients altogether to go into medical research. And I moved to Chicago. The place that was supposed to have my records were not able to help me. Scary. Where the Hell are my medical records?

Anyway, I couldn't get through to the doctor's office. So, I did a Google Maps street view to get the name of the medical office building where I had my last mammogram done. From there, I did a Google search to determine the name of the organization that did the test. 

I called them and was told my films would be at the main hospital. Okay. I called the hospital and guess what?! They had my booby shots and were able to send them to Chicago that same day!

It pays to be a detective....

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