Tuesday, November 23, 2010

12 Days of Christmas 2010 - Planning

The 25 Days of Christmas is a pretty popular thing to do. However, Mini Me will be in Canada for half of December because her school gets 3 weeks of Christmas vacation. This means, we will only have 12 days in which to Christmas together.

Here is what I am thinking of doing.
I pulled out our schedule for the month, factored in J's work schedule and Motor Mouth's swim schedule and Mini Me's travel schedule. Then I dumbed it down so I could handle all of this with minimal help from J.

Moo Moo, that crazy-naughty-singing-dancing cow
from the North Pole has to return.

Help me out:
Do you have any naughty ideas for Moo Moo?

12 Days of Widney Christmas 2010 - so far

Nov 30 - J's birthday
Moo Moo the Christmas Cow returns

Dec 1 - Hot chocolate w/mini marshmallows
Read the Christmas Story

Dec 2 - Decorate Christmas cards

Dec 3 - Make snowflakes

Dec 4 - Make gingerbread houses
Drive to burbs to see Xmas lights

Dec 5 - Put up Christmas trees and decorations
Watch Sound of Music

Dec 6 - Decorate Christmas cookies

Dec 7 - Wear red or green
Moo Moo leaves 'cow turds' (Milk Duds)

Dec 8 - Present each child with Christmas ornament

Dec 9 - Visit Santa
Go to top of Hancock Building to see city Xmas lights

Dec 10 - Watch Polar Express

Dec 11 - Give each child a small present (book)

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