Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Knowing Me Knowing You - Nov '10

knowing me, knowing you - november 2010

Time once again for my favorite monthly interview project hosted by The Fairy Blogmother. I hope you'll play along.

1) Last month we were asked if we had started our Christmas shopping yet, this month, what's on your Christmas wish list?
I don't have a Christmas wish list. As a grown up, I buy what I need all year long. That's the benefit of being a grown up. Instant gratification. 

2) Do you have a hand held video game in your house?
Would that be a Wii? The kids play it and watch movies on it. I am so lost on that thing, it's not even funny. I played it with them the first couple of weeks and now they say I slow them down so they won't let me play with them. 

3) Are you going to participate in the 25 Days of Christmas Challenge?
It sounds like more work than I am up for. I might do a few things here and there. We are all excited about Moo Moo the Christmas Cow returning. There was a Moo Moo siting this week. Seems that naughty cow may be in town already!

4) What is your favorite kind of cookie?
The chocolate chip cookies my friend, Lori's family makes. Lori says the directions are right on the bag but they must do something a little different 'cause that just says 'home' to me. I do like white chocolate macadamia nut cookies if Lori's cookies aren't around.

5) Coffee or tea?
Tea. My latest love is hot Green Tea Ginger Twist Tea from Argo Tea. It's like a surprise and burst of excitement with a hint of splendor in every sip. Excuse me. I gotta go to Argo Tea.

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