Thursday, July 22, 2010

Why I Blog

Why do I blog??

I blog our lives because you just can't make this crap up!! I wish I had been blogging back in the days when I caused a band of drug dealers to take off from an airport and possibly ditch their airplane because they thought we were the FBI or ATF. Or when I flew in a private jet, got picked up by 2 huge helicopters then flew back across country in a helicopter - all in 1 day. Or the time we flew in said helicopter from Tulsa to Orlando. Or the time a 60-yr old woman flashed her booby at me and J in front of our kids - 3 times!! Or the time we tracked the movements of a drug dealer using the telescopic lens on our camera. No one would believe me. 

I got a phone call this week that you would not believe.
Due to confidentiality, I cannot elaborate.
However, suffice it to say, we have mad crazy lives.

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Em J said...

About this mad crazy phone call, you should totally do it!