Sunday, July 11, 2010

4 Yr Old Runaway

The kids were so excited to show me something when I got out of the shower. Turns out, Motor Mouth got creative with his canvas: Mini Me.
Motor Mouth was so proud of his 'tattoo' art on his sister. 
I told them we could keep it on until Daddy got home then we would have to wash it off. (Mini Me has to wear her bikini to day camp tomorrow.) 
No drama. Just calm conversation.
Afterwards, the kids and I were playing on the bed. Motor Mouth pushed me and I almost fell off. Motor Mouth felt bad. I told him it wasn't a big deal. 

The next thing I know, I get THIS taped to the hallway light switch!!!
Notice the 'dinosaur footprints'

I told the kids they were welcome to runaway and that they should pack their suitcases. This is how Mini Me did. Notice the assortment of winter clothing. In July.
They were not allowed to take toys.
Motor Mouth decided he didn't want to runaway anymore. 
Mini Me was committed. She got dressed by herself.
She proceeded to the front door. 
I asked her if she had a plan or money. She had neither. 
I told her she would need a plan and money. 

Motor Mouth volunteered to give her some of his money.
Please tell me the Nemo in the background is not lost on you.

He gave her coins & 2-$1 bills.
But not the $5 bills because he is saving up for something.
Mini Me got to the elevator lobby. 
She said she was going to Canada. 
She was certainly dressed for it! 
I told her to come back and get her passport.
I called Papa Martian (godfather) so he could talk some sense into her. 
That didn't go as planned. 
Mini Me got it in her head that she was taking Amtrak to St. Louis where Papa Martian would meet her. Mini Me handed me the phone. 

I heard the door close. I thought it was J coming home from work. 

Mini Me RAN AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mini Me got down to the main level parking garage. She was on her way out! I brought her back upstairs. I told her I loved her and she was too young to run away. About then, J got home. We explained to her that she could not run away. 
Clearly, she was not happy with the message.
This morning, the kids and I played.  
There were no timeouts, no restrictions, no grounding, no swats. 
Not even a harsh voice. There was laughter. 
Of all the days to choose to runaway! 
It didn't make sense.

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