Monday, July 12, 2010

Writing Workshop II - Week One

Some of you may remember I took a Writing Workshop my very first summer in Chicago. That's how I met my dear friend, MAM. She was the instructor. Well, it's my 3rd summer in Chi-Town and pretty much the only writing I did since then was this captivating blog.

It was time for another Writing Workshop. Forced motivation to get my butt in gear and do some 'real' writing. No offense to the bloggy world but Oprah doesn't have a blog club, now does she?

This class is full of women! The last class was mainly women, but there was one South Asian stud muffin in the group. Moms mainly. I love how diverse MAM's circle is. She is such an interesting person.

My homework is to write for 15 minutes straight each day. Nice to be forced to write. Forced to commit time to spew my thoughts on paper. Or cyber space....

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Em J said...

Can we get a like button next to the funny, interesting, stupid boxes? :-) Happy Tuesday! I'm jealous of your forced writing time, if only I could make myself journal every day.