Thursday, June 17, 2010


I often feel as though I am not doing enough and that I could do so much better and should do better. Then a yesterday happens along.

In the morning, a gentleman I work with told me he appreciates having me around because things flowed so much smoother for an event. He also said it was nice being able to tag team.

That afternoon, a co-worker told me she was so happy to have me around because I helped to lighten the load.

And last night, a board member told me he appreciated everything I had done and that I made a difference for the better and he is glad I will be staying around next year.

Maybe it is just the end of the school year and people are feeling nostalgic. But at any rate, it made me feel as though I make a real contribution to the team and that I am a vital part of the organization. And this makes me feel as though the long hours, late nights, and working around our kids' schedules to reduce the impact on them were all worth it.

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Em J said...

Blogspot needs a LIKE button! I am so happy for you, this is awesome.