Sunday, August 2, 2009

Against God's Plan - Pt 4: She Did WHAT??!!

4 More days to our 10th Wedding Anniversary!!

Strange things happen to my mind when I am sleeping. I cannot and will not be held responsible for anything I say or do while in a state of sleep.

One time, in the first year of marriage, J woke up to me sitting on his chest. Yes. I was sitting on his chest. Let that sink in.

It seems I had dreamt there was a snake in bed next to me. I crawled away from it and woke up to J asking why I was sitting on his chest. Seems I was a bit hysterical. Wouldn't you be if you found a snake in your bed? He calmed me down, showed me there was no snake and put me back to sleep.

What a good man.

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Threeundertwo said...

I talk in my sleep all the time, often sitting up when I do it, so this doesn't surprise me at all! LOL the things husbands put up with!