Monday, August 3, 2009

Against God's Plan - Pt 5: Dead on the Roof

Only 3 more days to our 10th wedding anniversary!!

One night, J decided to get creative. He suggested we go out on the roof and 'be' in the rain. Our bedroom had easy dormer access to the roof.

I refused.
"Do you know what happens to people on roofs in rain storms? They get hit by lightening and die!!" No amount of coaxing would work.

Then lightening struck the house. All the cordless phones and TVs got messed up. It freaked us out. We would have been on the roof at the time. I could just imagine no one finding us for days or weeks and when they did, we would have been burnt crisps of former people.

I saved our lives.


Heather Kay said...

I have really enjoyed all 5 parts of this. This one is the best! That would have been quite a headliner for CNN!

Mommy Project said...

LOL! :0)

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

That is definitely creepy/scary. Good thing Mr. J. had some sense and listened to you!