Friday, July 17, 2009

What to expect

I was reading my friend's blog over at Serenity Now. In one of her entries, she talked about what we would find in her sparkling beautiful home when she comes into her millions. We all do it, don't we? Dream of what we would do with our millions when we win the lottery or invent some great device, or become a best selling author. Yes, we do.

Here is what to expect when I come into my millions:

- A full-time massage therapist. I want to be put to sleep at night with a massage. I would like to wake up with one too. Still debating if I should also employ a full-time chiropractor...

- Chef. Someone I will call Chef. He should be a little chubby because you shouldn't really trust a skinny chef.

- A Prius. J wants a Bentley. I want a Toyota Prius. I'll get 2 because when Mr. Bentley over there realizes he can't drive in any neighborhood with a Bentley or just park it anywhere, he will want to drive my unpretentious and environmentally friendlier Prius.

- My parents visiting. A LOT. They are retired, but I swear, they are busier now than they were when they were 'working'. When they give me too busy excuses, I will hire someone to do what they need to be doing and fly my parents to visit me.

- Kinesiologist. I had the best body ever when I worked out with a kinesiologist.

- Trump Tower condo. Motor Mouth wants to live in Trump Tower. The unit we want is only $3 million, so why not make my kid's dream come true!

- Real estate. I love real estate. I want to own lots and lots of properties.

- It goes without saying I will be generous to those who are less fortunate than me. Remember, I'm the one with this motto: "Give more to your community than you receive."

That's a few of the things that run through my mind when I see the lottery jackpot is high. Sadly, I think the fact I seldom play more than 1-2 times/year negatively affects my chances of winning.


Shan said...

I am with you on the massage therapist. How lovely would that be!!

serenity said...

Just saw this! I love it when my posts inspire somebody else's. I love thinking about this. Like you, I'm always wondering how best to give, give, give. Which always makes me chastise myself that I have a lot to give now too - if I would just get creative. Sigh. And now you've inspired me. I want my cook to be chubby too. :)