Friday, July 17, 2009

It's Decided!!

Motor Mouth will attend a private Christian school
this fall. Yippeeee!!!

Just in time, too.
At dinner, Motor Mouth told me homeschool was 'the worstest thing ever!'

Why do we love this school?

City Centric is a unique Christian elementary school in the heart of Chicago where children use the city's resources to learn in new and exciting ways. Students develop both a Christian worldview that roots them in their faith and a multicultural awareness that equips them to understand and respect people who come from different backgrounds.

City Centric prepares students for leadership and living in the urban environment. They are part of a diverse, caring, community where they are loved and accepted and learn to enrich their lives by serving God and his people in today's world.

Captivated by this creative learning approach, City Centric students score well on standardized tests and have been accepted into the best high schools in Chicago. They are equipped with an excellent educational foundation for life-long learning and creative problem solving.


Shan said...

You must be relieved to have that settled. Sounds like a wonderful school.

whittakerwoman said...

That school sounds amazing! I would love to send my kids to a christian school that is not just full of christian jargon. H