Saturday, July 18, 2009

Oprah Show - 2nd Time

I can't believe I didn't properly blog on this.
What is wrong with me?

My niece, the Original Mini Me, turned 18 a few days before she came to visit us in March. I knew I had to do something great for her birthday, so I emailed an Oprah Show producer who came through with tickets. Yes, I just happen to have an email address on file. I'm resourceful like that.
Naturally, Original Mini Me (referred to as MoJo from here on out) had to buy a whole new outfit and wake up 5 hours early to do her hair and makeup. This could be her big break - the one where Oprah sees how beautiful she is and decides to feature MoJo in a movie as the lead. Or just give MoJo her own little talk show. Come on, you must remember when you were a teenager and thought crap like that.

At Harpo Studios we had to wait outside.
Thankfully, there was people watching to be had.
I told MoJo my goal was for her to be in the front rows. I would be thrilled to sit way in the back as I already had my front row at Oprah experience. I did NOT want to be on camera.

We were ushered in to the 2nd row center seats. I must have a gift. The lady next to me was being mic'd. MoJo and I switched places because whoever sat next to her was sure to be on air. MoJo was stoked!!

After the show, they asked if anyone could come back to the next day's show and was willing to ask a potential on-air dating question. I gave MoJo a unique question to ask. They decided to tape her and a few others. We were escorted through ALL of Oprahland.

We saw the wall of pictures with all the big name show guests, the parking garage, the blue hallway, the section devoted to President Obama, staff break room, cubicles, conference rooms, we saw just about everything!!

MoJo was taped by 2 hot staffers. One guy in particular was HOT!! I wanted him to ask her out. I would have allowed it. They said they would call us if she was chosen for the show.

We were escorted through the amazing lobby with an oil of Oprah as a slave woman behind the receptionist's desk and a huge staircase. At the security desk on our way out, we met Oprah's makeup artist, Reggie. Reggie was awesome!! So personable and friendly. He was gracious enough to go outside with us for pictures (no photos allowed inside Harpo).

MoJo & Reggie, Make up artist to the Stars
Widney Woman & Reggie
MoJo did not get a call back, sadly.
Seems her big break is going to have to come another way.

Now, I should tell you, our show finally aired about a month later. Turns out, I was on camera for the first 15 minutes. If you knew where to look, you could see MoJo in an audience shot at the end of the show.... So much for me not wanting to be on camera!

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Shan said...

Wow. What a very cool experience! I'm so jealous -- you breathed Oprah air. Again!