Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Chicago Date Night for $12

J and I got out together, sans children, for a few hours tonight. We did it for $12 plus gas. How?
Free Babysitting
I'm part of a babysitting co-op. It's parents babysitting each other's kids for free. I had over 15 hours banked, so it was a no brainer to use a few hours for tonight. 
Savings = $35-$45
$2 Parking
Parking validated at the movie theatre for $2. Without validation, it would have been $20. 
Savings = $18
$5 Movie
Prime time, new release movie (Star Trek), at a nice, new theater. Only $5 each. We used our Kerasotes $5 movie cards that will get you in to select movies each week for $5. Normally, we would have paid $10.75 EACH. We got in for $10 total. 
Savings = $11.50

Spent = $12.00
Saved = $62.50


Heather Kay said...

Awesome! That is my kind of date. The picture of your daughter reminds me of one time when my naive mother was babysitting my son, he was about 4 and stuck his head between the rails on their bedpost. He convinced her that his head was stuck and she needed to get help. My brother came to help and my son pulled his head right out to play with his uncle! Good times! :)

CrystalStrickler said...

You go girl! Super saving woman you! :) Glad you had a great time at the movies last night! Before I forget, I know you did send the info a while back regarding the Babysitting Co-op group and I did have a chance to Carl about it. We decided right now that it wouldn't be a good option for us b/c we are more limited on time more than anything but definitely something we would consider in the future. Thanks for passing along the info!

Shan said...

Very nice!! A super saver date. The best kind.