Sunday, April 19, 2009

Moving Up

Have you ever seen the show 'Moving Up' with Doug, from Trading Spaces? It's a show where 2 homeowners go back to see what changes the new owners have made to their former home.

I feel like saying, "People, YOU chose to sell your house and MOVE. What makes you think the new owners are going to keep YOUR kids' growth charts on their walls? Come. On. It was sentimental to 'you'."

So, considering yesterday, I blogged about only missing the walls at our old house, I'm going to show you what WE did to the walls BEFORE we moved. This was in order to get the house sold, because we KNEW people would NOT want 'our' beautiful walls. It's called staging.



Reluctant Housewife said...

The befores are amazing. I agree, though, that the afters are much more likely to sell a house. Beautiful big windows, too.

whittakerwoman said...

Oh that is so sad! i would have bought it before... but come on having a brick wall is my dream! :) H

Mary Koch said...

I love the airplanes! That is what we are doing in my sons room. Where did you get the airplane light?

Mary Koch


Mary, Airplane light from Lowe's in Bixby. They have a desk lamp as well (we have that too). We also had recessed lighting in his room, otherwise it is too dark.

Airplane ceiling fan you can get from Home Depot on 71st. But we got it used, off eBay for less.

The airplane pictures you can get from The Airplane Shop (or Store) online. Really reasonably priced and have plates and light covers and all kinds of stuff airplane.