Saturday, April 18, 2009

Not the House. Just the Walls.

One year ago today, we moved from Tulsa to Chicago. There is not much I miss about our lives in Oklahoma. Yes, we miss our family and friends. That goes without saying. But home is where the heart is and our heart is no longer in Tulsa. All 4 of us have fallen in love with our new city. We even braved a 'windy city' winter and came out saying: "Old Man Winter, that's all you got?" 

Our lives here are so vastly different. I think that is why we don't miss it. There is nothing to compare it to. 

Well, okay. Maybe we miss the walls at our old home. But I never think about our old house. It's like we never even lived there. Take a look and you'll see why we may miss just the walls.

Motor Mouth's Chicago Bedroom
Motor Mouth's Tulsa Bedroom
J airbrushed the walls and ceiling
That's a working fan as the airplane's engine
Mini Me's Chicago Bedroom
(Shhh...she's sleeping IN the bed)
Mini Me's Tulsa Bedroom
J painted the walls in a harlequin pattern
The black is ribbon with jewel stones at the points
He also designed the neon behind the bed
Not the house. Just the walls.


Jen said...

Unbelievable! I love those walls too!

Threeundertwo said...

I understand why you miss them. But if that's the only thing - you're doing ok!

a kelly said...

you are so creative! Love your decor...before and after!