Wednesday, March 25, 2009

American Idol - Live Week 6

My 5th Judge Opinion. 


#1 - Matt Giraud
Yeah, Baby!! Let's get IT on!! Started on the piano, moved to the stage. Very comfortable in his skin - Justin Timberlake-ish. Nice vocals. Song showcased his voice.

#2 - Kris Allen
Have I told you this guy just bugs me. He always seems so karaoke/high school musical/cruise ship. Jim Carrey's younger brother.

#3 - Scott MacIntyre
Oh dear lord. I want someone to come take him home. Cheeeeeesy!! All he needed was to pull out a tambourine. How much more can I take till I puke.

#4 - Megan Joy
Train wreck. She made 'For once in my life' sound like the theme from Love Boat. Yikes, girl! MOTOWN week and you pick THAT song with a JAZZY voice? This could get you going home, my friend - and I have even more mad love for you than Randy!

#5 - Anoop Desai
It's time Anoop purchased a pair of $200 jeans. Those $50 GAP jeans aren't doing anything for me. Voice was sweeeeeeeeeet though. 

#6 - Michael Sarver
It was a white boy singing a black boy song. But I enjoyed it. Maybe I'm a Las Vegas loungey kinda girl. 

#7 - Lil Rounds
It wasn't a heat wave for me. It was a madness wave. Lil developed some sort of manic lisp for this rendition. I can't keep from wanting the song to be over. And that flapper outfit? With a 60's song? Really? No.

#8 - Adam Lambert
Wow. Oh. My. Freaking. God. Standing ovation from Smokey Robinson. End the competition now. Give the man the title. He is ah-mazing! That last part. WOW!! He sang that entire song in falsetto. And he is beautiful. I love me some Adam.

#9 - Danny Gokey
I wasn't ready for this. Whew. This song did nothing to showcase Danny's voice. You can't pick fun songs if they don't showcase your vocal abilities. I'm with Simon - clumsy and amateurish. Never go on after a better singer...But I do love you Danny.

#10 - Allison Iraheta
She did a great job. There were some mumbly parts, but she did a great job at making a man's song her own. Allison is another one who bugs me. But I will admit this girl can SANG. 

There ya have it!
The view from my couch.

And then there were 9....
Michael Sarver went home

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Mommy Project said...

You may be right that Adam is a "better" singer...he seems to be able to do a lot with his voice. But the tone of his voice and his whole ~gig~ is so not my cup of tea. I still pick Danny! And it's about time they stopped taking it ~so~ easy on the "CCAAAWWW, CCCAAAWWW" girl. Matt always does a great job (I, personally, think he has a Michael Buble thang' going on)...but why is it that I never remember him?