Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thankful Thursday - Mutti

It is said you can increase your happiness
 25% by being THANKFUL.

I call my mom, Mutti. 
It is German for mom/mommy. 
I'm really grateful for my Mutti, 
because she is so SMART! 

My Mutti taught me some classic real life lessons, just by living her life. Mom shaved 10 years off their mortgage by calling the banks, checking rates - every week for months. When the rates dipped low, she informed her bank she would be switching her mortgage to another lender. Her bank matched the rate and waived fees. That's typical of my Mutti!! 

The plan this week, was to cancel our home phone service and return 2/3 cable boxes. It's a recession, you know. The home service was going to double at the end of our introductory period. On Monday, I called and told our service provider we are scheduled to have our phone disconnected Tuesday, but I saw a commercial offering the same service for less. They gave me the introductory rate for 6 more months AND I'm getting our extra cable boxes for only 99 cents/month! I didn't even ask for the last part but that works. We'll keep 'em now. Thanks, for the lesson, Mutti!!

I learned from the best. She's also the one who taught me how to sock away money, resulting in us having a down payment for our first home. 
My mom rocks!! 
I'm very grateful for her. 
Today and every day.

But shhh...Don't tell her about this blog entry. She thinks I'm an ungrateful child. Let's keep it that way. LOL!!

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FaithChick said...

I agree. YOu have a great mom but I wont tell her. =)