Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I actually did it. I bought a Snuggie!

I called the toll-free number but it was going to be $17.99 +$7.95 s&h + an extra $7.95 s&h for a 2nd Snuggie. Nope. No thanks.

Then, I was walking through Staples and saw 2 boxes left. They were $14.95 each. I purchased 1 because I wasn't sure we would like it and the other box had been opened and I didn't want OPF (other people's funk) on my Snuggie.

It's okay. It does keep you warm, but the collar falls down. If you are sitting on the couch, it works great. But when I sit at the table to homeschool, my back gets cold. I would not pay more than I did for it. Who knows, if I get into sewing this summer, I just might make a modified version for everyone in the family for Christmas. 


Mommy Project said...

Oh that's funny. I just saw John Stewart mocking them a little while ago on his show. Jamie, out of the blue, came up to us and said, "We should get one of those Snugglies for Mommy" ...cuz' i'm always cold. I bet you could make a great version.

Tim said...

i want to see pictures. better yet, i want to come experience it.

FaithChick said...

LOL! I have been wanting one to so you need to get into sewing. You just need to get two, one for your back and one for the front.

Molly said...

Yay! Monk-wear for everyday people. It's about time! :-)

Molly said...

Yay! Monk-wear for everyday people. It's about time! :-)

Felicity said...

@ Mommy Project - Ha! My daughter told me the same thing! My son says fine as long as I don't wear it to his games (that part of the commercial always cracks him up).