Sunday, October 12, 2008

Adventures of the 3 M's - Chicago Marathon 2008

The Continuing Adventures of the 3M's
This morning, the 3M's walked to the end of our alley.
45,000 Chicago Marathon runners running past our home
Even ELVIS was in town!!!
Wheelchair Runner
See the street vendors at the other side? 
They are selling tamales, not hot dogs.
That building is a carnicera which sells deli meats, tortillas, etc.
Man with a spray bottle, to cool down runners
Can you see the man in the tree, holding a hose?
He is known as "The Hose Man"
There is music blasting from his house. 
First, it was just upbeat music, later it was army marching/running music, then it was inspirational running music: 
"You can do iiiitttt!! You can do iiiittt!! Yes you can! Keep on going, you can do it!!" 
The man in the red shirt was VERY happy to be hosed
On the sidelines people were clapping and cheering.
Tall dude, wearing a big wig
Notice the orange leg warmers??
See the pink crown?
Front row seats
And then Motor Mouth spilled red pop all over himself and the chair, attracting no less than 10 bees. We had to pack it in before we got stung.


Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Sounds like a good outing (until the red pop). ;-)

I love your commentaries/photo essays!

Ace said...

hey my sister-in-law was in that crowd. she flew there this weekend to take part in the race! She finished! Thanks for the play by play.